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Life takes us on such extraordinary journeys that we often feel overwhelmed and unable to handle them. I felt this over the last three years more than ever before. I felt as if life was giving birth to a new, completely different me. I felt that I was given another chance and another purpose. I had to find what this was. I had to stop and listen to the beauty of this world. This is how I began painting on rocks.
Hi, I’m Christine. I have a post-graduate degree in Psychology at Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia. I was an ESL teacher for nearly 15 years. I volunteered English teaching for refugees in Tasmania, I was a medical secretary for a while, and, most important of all, I also had my two daughters, Malina and Maria, bright, beautiful, naughty, challenging, loving, inspiring, as all kids are. At the moment I live in Sydney with my husband, and as much as I miss my old piece of paradise, Diamond Beach NSW, I am trying to make the most of this crazy city experience.


Photo by Christine Onward. A memorable day in Diamond Beach


I started painting on rocks about three years ago. I had never painted before, unless you want to consider my mere attempts at art in school, just to pass the class really. But my little daughter, a young teenager at that time, was spending most of her time by herself, painting. I wanted to be part of her life so I invited her at the dinner table to paint and share the joy of it together. And we had fun, and stories, and plans… We had the mess, ruined all tablecloths, ate soup with a touch of brush paint, and made memories!

At some point Maria had to reduce the painting time because of her exams. But I kept on going. I kept on painting my little ladybugs, and flowers, and dots, thousand of dots. It felt too good to stop. Somehow, my worries, depression, fears, stress, tiredness… could be managed better. It was therapy. 


Photo and rocks painted by Christine Onward | Facebook | Instagram | Buy Here


I paint nearly every day. I generally start and finish a rock in the same day, or I lose the connection with my art. I love the bright colours. I use watercolours, not very expensive fancy ones, to be honest. But the varnish spray with which I seal my rocks thoroughly is of the best quality. Because I want my rocks to last long, be safe outside and well protected from the harsh Australian sun.

I love the medium sized rocks with interesting shapes and smooth surfaces. Here are some of the most beautifully shaped rocks I have painted on so far:


Painted rocks by Christine Onward. Visit on: Instagram/Facebook | Buy Here


What’s on now?

In time I realised I had to share this amazing journey with somebody else. Someone who felt the same: that rocks, the touch of them, their strength, the silence within them, make you feel better.

I started this Facebook adventure: Christine Onward Decorative Art as my artist page, and a group for rock painters called Colour Therapy.

Colour Therapy was all about art on rocks, colour enthusiasm, and benefits of painting.

Since April 2017 (Can’t believe it’s been only a little over 1 year now!) I met so many rock painters, so many beautiful people, so many stories, and I made so many friends!

Pretty soon after its launching, Colour Therapy turned into a more inclusive, original, and rock-art specific community named RockStreet Collective | Facebook | Instagram |

RockStreet Collective grew into this amazing media platform, with about 4600 members on Facebook at this moment, 6500 followers on Instagram and growing fast. In RockStreet Collective artists from more than 40 countries across the globe share the joy of showing their art works within the group, inspire others, provide support for the others, and, above all, connect with each other. I want to continue this extraordinary journey.

I want to tell the world that there is beauty in every form of art expression. And if it does well to you and others, then you should keep on doing it.  After all, we at RockStreet Collective often say:


“The world would be so much better if we gave life to a rock every day”


Photo and rocks painted by Christine Onward | Buy Here

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  • Christine Onward
Comments 10
  • Roxana Serban
    Roxana Serban

    Onward we go, and we transform along the way, with every spoon of soup we allow to taste like paint. Shouldn’t life be about the flavor we give it? We are created to be free spirits, to enjoy and to discover. All else is but a lie, a shroud they throw at us, to keep us blind. Down with the veil, up with the spirit! Creating communities of people who see beyond the cage is getting one step closer to actually EXISTING, as a society. Wonderful work!

  • Bibi

    Foarte mult imi place cum ti-ai scris povestea! Mai vreau! Keep on doing it! Sunt tare mandra de tine, de cum ai evoluat si se vede ca faci totul cu suflet, in toate micile detalii. Te pup

  • Eugen

    You have talent, that is for sure.
    I really like what you have done so far and it is always a pleasure to see your work – keep up the good job :)

  • Maria

    Mama, I am so proud of you. I knew you had unlimited talents, but I never expected such a determination for art. You inspire me every day and I’m so happy to tell people how unique the things you do actually are. I hope everyone reads this, and sees that you have a talent in writing too, and follows you into the great group of friends that is the rockstreet collective :) I love you lots and wish you the best ahead .

  • Piedras para sonreir . Loli
    Piedras para sonreir . Loli

    Gracias por dejarnos formar parte de este gran proyecto, Las piedras han unido dos hemisferios alejados, el arte puede acercar pueblos e ilusiones. Cuando me invitaste a formar parte del grupo no lo podía creer…. algo que hacia casi para mi misma había llamado tu atención!!! Gracias por todo, enhorabuena y suerte. Seguimos compartiendo y que sea por mucho tiempo

  • Piedras Para Sonreir
    Piedras Para Sonreir

    Enhorabuena amiga !!!!

  • Lyzzz

    Emotional story Christine, I’m glad to know that’s how you feel. Me too I started painting on rocks in contact with childre and they had given me lot of enjoyment and inspiration.
    Congratulations and long life this website. Bizzz

  • Patsy Waters
    Patsy Waters

    I first began painting rock 37 years ago, as just a hobby…:) But never stopped because like you, I found it very therapeutic. I found that I could loose myself in painting while listening to classical music. For many years just gave them as gifts, but then gradually found ,that it could help pay for some of my supplies for painting… started selling some of the rocks. I’m 74 now , but hope the Lord will paint with me for several more years… And ,I certainly hope anyone who tries rock painting will love it as I have!! <3

  • Neide Vacilio
    Neide Vacilio

    Linda história minha amiga, me sinto feliz por ter você como amiga virtual. bjsss

  • Lorraine

    I love your story! I too just started painting on rocks this year in June, so I’m a beginner at this as well. I totally get that you have to start and finish a rock in the same day or else you “lose the connection.” I’ve tried to explain his to people, but they don’t understand. Congratulations on this website. I’ve added this blog to my blogroll, so I hope you write more about your journey. Lorraine at

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