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RockStreet Collective – a journey of passion, friendship, and painting on rocks


RockStreet Collective gathers together an amazing community of rock painters and colour enthusiasts from around the globe. With 5000 artists from as many as 40 countries, we value unity, respect, and support for each other not only in our artistic endeavours but in life as well.


Hi, I’m Christine and I am the visionary and administrator of the Rock Street media platform. I love rock painting above all things. In the last five years I have been painting exotic decorations on rocks for meditation practices and feng shui gardens, folk art for schools, cottages, beach houses and rustic settings, colourful rock concepts for children and not only, outdoor decorations, rock doorstops, paperweights, bookstops and so many others.


But even with all these artistic endeavours going on, I still felt alone. I knew no one personally who was doing the same thing. I wanted to belong. I wanted to wake up in the morning and talk to someone about how much yellow I should use on a darker rock, what tools are best to use for my dots, or what is the best paint for outdoor decorations. I wanted to have a friend, someone like me.


Over three year ago, I began putting together this miraculous thing called RockStreet Collective. I contacted the artists, I talked to them, we had jokes, we had chats, we had questions, we made memories. And I learned so much. I learned about quality art, cultures, different personalities and how they reflect in our rock painting. But most importantly I learned about the terrific benefits of painting on rocks. And I learned about myself.


RockStreet Collective invites you on the most extraordinary experience of colours and art on rocks!


Find these rocks | Liona Hotta Stones | Steinkunst by Heni | Mandalaolé | Karin Getaz | P4 Miranda Pitrone 


We want to take you on a fantastic journey across continents, islands and seas. We want to show you rocks from the Adriatic Sea, deserts of Australia, mountains of America, beaches of New Zealand, rough lands of India, forests of Switzerland, valleys of Russia… We want to show you the world.


Find these rocks | Maria Michela Troccolo at Oceanomare | Nadejda Vladeva | Danijela Milosevic at Danijela's Ordinary Magic Stones And Other Unusual Paintings | Christine Onward at Christine Onward Decorative Art | Erdal Parlakli at Art Rock Art |


We invite you to feel the joy of life, keep on dreaming, breathe hope, and love.


Find these rocks | Christine Onward at Christine Onward Decorative Art  | Rachel’s Rocks | Mike's Art Glass | Art&Craft |


With each and every creation RockStreet Collectives give you quality, talent, passion and so much hard work


Find these rocks | Yvette Biedermann | Ernestina Gallina at Pietrevive | Paola Contini | Michelle Sullivan Maddix | Kristrún Snorradóttir at Little piece of Iceland Art Rúna |


Take us with you, and don’t forget to smile.

There is beauty in this world and we make it happen!



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