Who owns Rock Street?

Rock Street is a registered Australian company. Registration details ABN 4943 166 4769 owned and managed by Christine Onward and her team.

Who are the artists who sell on Rock Street?

Our artists are part of the RockStreet Collective media platform. If you want to meet our artists and their artworks, visit us at RockStreet Collective Facebook Group. 

Where are the products created?

Our painted rocks are individually created by the artists on their local premises. Each product has a tag to their country of provenience. Please follow links to artists’ pages for more information about their location and provenience of rocks.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. Please contact us at rock_street@yahoo.com to discuss your painting design, artist preferred, possible options and pricing. Please consider at least 3 weeks time for executing your order and postage before the rock reaches you. For larger orders, we might need at least one month before we can deliver the products to you.

The artist will advise you in 48 hours from the order if and how the painting is going to be realised. Costs of the commissioned products will be established before proceeding with the order and remain unchanged. Payment has to be done before the order is executed.

Can I choose an artist to paint my custom order?

Depends. Please contact Christine on rock_street@yahoo.com for available artists and other options.

Can I request special package for extraordinary circumstances (birthday, wedding, commemoration gift?)

Of course. Just make sure you let us know about your requirements. Extra charges may apply for certain special packages. We will inform you in time about any extra charges or time delays due to your special request.

Can I request a product to be delivered as a gift to someone else’s address?

Yes. Please contact Christine by email at rock_street@yahoo.com with the name of the product you bought and address you want the product delivered to. To a certain extent, we can also arrange special occasion packages for you.

Are products securely packaged so that damage is avoided during shipping?

Yes. Our artists are always involved in providing quality products and quality packages so that your order reaches destination undamaged. Please read our Return Policy conditions before you check out.

How do I cancel my order before I make a payment?

Return to Cart and press – (minus) until number of products becomes 0. This will cancel the order.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Our artists are located in more than 40 countries across the globe. For lower postage costs and to support local economy, we encourage you to buy locally.

How can I find an artist who lives closer to me?

If you want to buy locally, or interested in an artist living close to you, type your country in the Search bar to be redirected to the products and blog articles of your interest.

How are shipping costs calculated?

Generally, shipping costs depend on the artist’s location. Standard costs apply for international and local shipping. For Australia, shipping costs are provided by the Australia Post services. Please contact Christine by email at rock_street@yahoo.com if you want postage costs discussed as well as costs for bulk buying.

How long does it take for a product to reach my address?

This depends on the artist’s location. Postage could take up to three weeks from the day of payment. Please also consider weekends and public holidays.

When do you collect payment for an order?

Payment is collected at check out.

What payment types do you accept? 

All our payment options are specified at the bottom of the page. At checkout you will have all the payment options explained.

Is it safe to use my Visa Card or Master Card on this website?

Yes. Please read our legal policies provided by Shopify in relation to safety measures in place for this website.

What is your refund policy? 

We aim to provide you with the best online shopping experience, and it's really important that you love your purchase from Rock Street. If you are not completely satisfied with your online order, Rock Street will gladly refund your item/s. Before we proceed with returning your money, we will require a short description of the damages or/and other product related issues that did not fulfil your expectations. Photos of the damage/s will also be needed.

What are your service hours?

Administration of Rock Street is located in Sydney, Australia. We can be contacted any day and any time.

How do I make an inquiry or complaint?

Please contact Christine by email at rock_street@yahoo.com.   

How long will it take before my complaint is solved?

Due to global time differences, please allow Rock Street 24 hours before they can respond to your enquiry. Any complaints and proceeding will require 48 hours from the moment of acknowledgement before being solutioned.

My question doesn't appear on the FAQ list. How can I get help with my inquiry?

Simply contact us at rock_street@yahoo.com and we will be happy to help you.