WITH NO DEGREE OF SEPARATION, self-portrait touched by magics of the sea


Sometimes I think myself as a continuation of the ocean.

I feel as if a part of me has decided to pour endlessly toward the calling of waves, and in response, the waves return to me in colours and ethereal energy.

And in all these, the inner someone, perhaps still me:

The happy me, the little me, the dreaming me, the one whose roads have not yet been darkened by the sadness of the world is coming out in songs of summer flowers, daring boats and dancing fish.

WITH NO DEGREE OF SEPARATION is about me. I painted the little girl, hidden inside, dressed in the golden colours of the sun. And the sea is a part of her, flowing with the tide. And with her smile, she wants to bring the joy back to the world.

Should you perhaps allow your soul to smile too?

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  • Christine Onward
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