When it comes to starting painting a new collection, regardless the feel and confidence I have about it, I tend to take the time and do a bit of research before I actually begin.

I love collecting images of all the different approaches to rock painting I can find. If you tried Pinterest, you can actually go to my account Art by Christine Onward and have a look at all the boards I have created over the last years and have a grasp at all the magic art on rocks can create around us.

Rock painting boats Christine Christine Australia art blog gallery old bar home decoration

Art on rocks by Christine Onward. More details are here | Instagram |

The idea of painting boats and the ocean started for me a year ago when life journeys took me to Old Bar, NSW Australia. I felt so overwhelmed by the beauty of this place, that I wanted to take it with me in my art and somehow give this emotion immortality.

This is when I began collecting images of boats on rocks (see most of them here). Although I found tens and tens of rocks with boats I love, here are the 10 approaches I was mostly attached to:


Well, searching for boats on rocks on Pinterest will always take you to Lefteris’ work.

If you haven’t met his paintings already, I advise you to go have a look at his accounts. He is not only one of the most inspiring rock artists of our days, but is also always nice and supportive to new artists. Have a look:

Rock art boats painting Christine Onward Australian gallery blog home decoration craft diy idea Greece

Painted rock by Lefteris Kanetis | Facebook | Instagram |


From Italy, the artist I love the most is Alessandra. Well, I also love Ernestina Gallina and Roberto Rizzo, but with Alessandra I discovered I have such a wonderful connection in art.

I am often overwhelmed by the joyful nature of her art, her talent and enormous amounts of things she can masterfully paint.

Here is a set of my most favourite rocks with boats and sea I found in Alessandra’s stunning collections.

Sea painting art collection rocks Christine Onward Australia blue ocean gallery old bar blog home decorative style gift

Painted rocks by Alessandra Scolari | Facebook | Instagram |


Yana is the absolute queen of miniature art on miniature rocks! I often think how deep her love for this art must be, to put so much effort and so much patience to paint just the smallest, most gorgeous things on earth.

Here is a rock with a boat I find to be the most impressive project from Yana’s magistral work.

Miniature painting boat art rock gallery old bar blog gift style Christine Onward Australia decoration

Painted rock by Yana Khachikyan  | Facebook | Instagram |


If you search for Kala’s work on any of the media platforms we have these days, be prepared to instantly fall in love! The fantastic unique blend of colours she uses together with some of the most original ideas I have seen these days are undoubtedly making Kala one of the strongest voices in our world of art on rocks.

Here is a set of boats on rocks I was mostly impressed by from all of Kala’s work:

Painted rocks Christine Onward Australia art blog gallery home decoration unique Pinterest design new original


Painted rock by Kala Escobar | Website | Instagram |


Art rock boat blog Christine Onward Australia gallery home decoration oil acrylics unique original article ocean travel

Painted rock by Liudmila at Ihtiandra Art | Website | Instagram |

I had this photo saved on Pinterest ever since I started my collection of boats on rocks. I was mostly impressed by the romanticism of its colours, the sadness of those clouds, the wind in the sails.

If there was to write a poem from a painting, this would have been for me the first image of choice. What do you think?



I don’t know if you ever had this feeling yourself, but when I look at Gary’s work I feel young and daring to try new things.

Gary’s work has this whimsical, cartoonist feel, always joyful, always upbeat. Have a look at his accounts and I am confident you will feel the same as me.

Rock painting boat Christine Onward Australia gallery blog article new music sea waves ocean travel adventure old bar

Painted rock by Gary Campbell  | Facebook | Instagram |


For those who know me from the times I started painting almost 4 years ago, you probably heard about the RockStreet Collective campaign I initiated to create bonds with and support other rock artists from across the globe. 

It is during this time that I met Danijela and I am lucky and grateful to say that we are friends ever since. 

What impresses me the most in Danijela’s work is the capability to take you on a journey of magical adventures and fantastic legend realms like only in childhood we could have imagined. I couldn’t select any of her dragons, or charmed castles to post here, but I found this wonderful little boat I am sure you will love to see too:

Christine Onward Australia art gallery blog old bar painted rock sea travel adventure beach holiday

Painted rock by Danijela Milosevic  | Facebook | Instagram |


Painted rock boats gallery art Christine Onward Australia blog article gift home decoration backpack sky romantic

Painted rock by Karen at ArtRocks by Karen | Facebook | Instagram |

I had this photo saved on Pinterest long before I actually started tackling with the idea of painting boats on rocks.

‘The painting somehow dragged me towards a sky under which I wanted to be myself, and a story of the sea I wanted to be part of too.

Not surprisingly, Karen told me this rock is about a journey she took ten years ago in Antiparos, Greece!

This is why I believe art has the unique ability to capture memories and give them immortality like nothing else in this world. I’m sure you feel the same.



I left the funny gorgeous boats towards at the end because I didn’t want you to leave here without a smile on your face. 

And since I am such a fan of naive art on rocks, myself being a part of this branch of artists, I wanted to share with you a rock a rock that genuinely made me smile.

Funny cat boat painting art blog Christine Onward Australia gallery gift excursion old bar holiday relax museum 

Painted rock by Elizabeth Printz  | Facebook

My advice is, if you haven’t tried already, do gift yourself with a cheerful rock with naive boats, and cats, or dogs, because life with rocks is better without life without.


My tenth favourite approach to painting boats on rocks is the one of Pako’s.

If you want to spend valuable time with your children, have a fun afternoon with a bunch of colours and a few rocks, do have a look at Pako’s work. You will love it.

Painted rocks by Pakize Ozdemir | Facebook | Instagram |

My own collection of painted boats is next. It’s only a little part of the rocks with boats I have painted so far, but they certainly are the ones I love the most. I hope you like them for what they are too.

Christine Onward Australia gallery blog article art original unique naive beautiful gift old bar holiday fun


Painted rocks by Christine Onward  | Facebook | Instagram | For sale Here |

Boats painted rocks art gallery unique original paintings Christine Onward gallery old bar blog

Painted rocks by Christine Onward  | For sale Here |

Small rocks paintings Christine Onward gallery blog new beautiful children’s art fun travel holiday activity family

Painted rocks by Christine Onward  | For sale Here |



More articles by Christine Onward




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  • Inge Torchia
    Inge Torchia

    What an enjoyable read, my morning smile. I, too, am a fan of Alessandra Scolari’s and now of yours. Your work is so lively and pleasing to the eye. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    I am an oil and watercolour artist and have dabbled in rock painting, from cats and dogs to children, to memorial paintings. I invite you to have a look at some of my work on fb at Inge Torchia Art.

    Rock on, girl, rock on!

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