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Having been a rock painter for over 7 years now, I learned that collecting and displaying my painted rocks in a memorable fashion can often be challenging or frustrating. Most of the rocks I was really passionate about, some from dear artist friends, some painted by me, ended up in drawers collecting dust just because I found it difficult to figure ways to display them in a safe and attractive way.

For reasons as these, I constantly started to think of ways on how to actually make use of my painted rocks and incorporate them in simple art decorations that could add value not only to my home but also to the paintings themselves.

For Part 1 of this series of DIY decorations with painted rocks, I thought to begin with something simple and funny paint: little SARDINES.

To see how the sardines were painted, there is a short tutorial uploaded HERE.




coastal decoration art diy painted rock nautical stone beach house hut holiday blog christine onward Original art decoration with painted rocks by Christine Onward, for sale HERE

To make this decoration yourself, you will need a few small driftwood sticks, about 4 or 5 little rock sardines, a bit of rope and a little shell. Tie the sticks and rocks together, glue the shell to the knot and here is a unique decoration full of beach vibes for your coastal décor!

coastal decoration original christine onward stone art rock painting

More rock painting ideas by Christine Onward are HERE



                sardine upcycle can art stone painting tutorial coastal decoration christine onward old bar australia   

 Original art decoration with painted rocks by Christine Onward, for sale HERE


This project was really easy and fun to make. Recycling and upcycling things around the house has been one of my main interests in art so far, so finding a way to use the sardine cans I had saved was actually quite satisfying. 

The things I used are: a small frame, a sardine can (which I jumped on a few times :))  and two little rock sardines. Done in less than 20 min!



      rustic wooden decoration with painted rocks tutorial rock painting idea coastal decoration stone painting fish art Christine Onward ideas

More rock painting ideas by Christine Onward are HERE

This project is for the case when you don't want to use a frame.

I had a little wooden board left from another project. All I needed was to give it a few layers of white paint and just stick the rocks on it in the style I wanted. At the back I put a small hook.

If you happen to have a larger piece of wood at home, I believe it would be fun to also apply other things of the sea such as shells, sea glass or pieces of driftwood on it.  



         fish coastal decoration jar cheap ideas by Christine Onward art blog rock painting ideas  coastal decor beach house fun family project craft DIY art rock painting idea sardines Christine Onward

Simple coastal decorating ideas by Christine Onward. More collections are HERE

Again, a very simple and inexpensive idea for your coastal décor. I found these little jars in a Salvation Army store, but I think they can be found in many home decor stores these days. 

For this project I used some white sand on the bottom of the jars, few shells and the painted rocks. The bigger the jar, the more fun :)

This can be such a nice project to share with the family, each member being challenged to add their own holiday painted rock in the family jar.



                 coastal decoration painted rocks simple idea fish

Simple coastal decorating ideas by Christine Onward. More collections are HERE

A quick video with how I tamed my painted sardines to stay together is HERE. 

The incense stick holder is easy to find in cheap stores and not only there.

I used sardine rocks for this project because the theme for this blog is COASTAL DECORATIONS with painted rocks. Instead of fishes, you can use any little painted rocks you have around the house. They will all look absolutely eye catching, I believe. 



The porcelain candle holder was for me love at first sight! The moment I saw it, I knew I could put some little stones on it and make them turn to life.

Lighting that little candle up and watching its shadows dance on the little fish is absolutely mesmerising. Here are some photos I took of it in the daylight:

             coastal decor candle holder painting rocks ideas Christine Onward  candle holder art decor beach house stone paint fish DIY

Simple coastal decorating idea candle holder by Christine Onward. More ideas are HERE



         fish basket coastal decoration by chrsitne Onward rock painting art blog ideas   

Simple coastal decorating project by Christine Onward. More ideas are HERE


The little ceramic bowls are from India and I got them on Ebay. I think they make for really unique, adorable coastal decorations that you can make yourself without much effort.

The rocks aren't even glued to the little baskets, so kids can actually play with them and change the way they sit in the bowls just the way they want.

You can try too :). Rock painting is therapy.

For projects that would look identical to those shown in the photos, a supply of sardines painted on rocks can be purchased HERE

Sardines in a box, supplies for your own projects. See more details HERE 



When it comes to starting painting a new collection, regardless the feel and confidence I have about it, I tend to take the time and do a bit of research before I actually begin.

I love collecting images of all the different approaches to rock painting I can find. If you tried Pinterest, you can actually go to my account Art by Christine Onward and have a look at all the boards I have created over the last years and have a grasp at all the magic art on rocks can create around us.

Rock painting boats Christine Christine Australia art blog gallery old bar home decoration

Art on rocks by Christine Onward. More details are here | Instagram |

The idea of painting boats and the ocean started for me a year ago when life journeys took me to Old Bar, NSW Australia. I felt so overwhelmed by the beauty of this place, that I wanted to take it with me in my art and somehow give this emotion immortality.

This is when I began collecting images of boats on rocks (see most of them here). Although I found tens and tens of rocks with boats I love, here are the 10 approaches I was mostly attached to:


Well, searching for boats on rocks on Pinterest will always take you to Lefteris’ work.

If you haven’t met his paintings already, I advise you to go have a look at his accounts. He is not only one of the most inspiring rock artists of our days, but is also always nice and supportive to new artists. Have a look:

Rock art boats painting Christine Onward Australian gallery blog home decoration craft diy idea Greece

Painted rock by Lefteris Kanetis | Facebook | Instagram |


From Italy, the artist I love the most is Alessandra. Well, I also love Ernestina Gallina and Roberto Rizzo, but with Alessandra I discovered I have such a wonderful connection in art.

I am often overwhelmed by the joyful nature of her art, her talent and enormous amounts of things she can masterfully paint.

Here is a set of my most favourite rocks with boats and sea I found in Alessandra’s stunning collections.

Sea painting art collection rocks Christine Onward Australia blue ocean gallery old bar blog home decorative style gift

Painted rocks by Alessandra Scolari | Facebook | Instagram |


Yana is the absolute queen of miniature art on miniature rocks! I often think how deep her love for this art must be, to put so much effort and so much patience to paint just the smallest, most gorgeous things on earth.

Here is a rock with a boat I find to be the most impressive project from Yana’s magistral work.

Miniature painting boat art rock gallery old bar blog gift style Christine Onward Australia decoration

Painted rock by Yana Khachikyan  | Facebook | Instagram |


If you search for Kala’s work on any of the media platforms we have these days, be prepared to instantly fall in love! The fantastic unique blend of colours she uses together with some of the most original ideas I have seen these days are undoubtedly making Kala one of the strongest voices in our world of art on rocks.

Here is a set of boats on rocks I was mostly impressed by from all of Kala’s work:

Painted rocks Christine Onward Australia art blog gallery home decoration unique Pinterest design new original


Painted rock by Kala Escobar | Website | Instagram |


Art rock boat blog Christine Onward Australia gallery home decoration oil acrylics unique original article ocean travel

Painted rock by Liudmila at Ihtiandra Art | Website | Instagram |

I had this photo saved on Pinterest ever since I started my collection of boats on rocks. I was mostly impressed by the romanticism of its colours, the sadness of those clouds, the wind in the sails.

If there was to write a poem from a painting, this would have been for me the first image of choice. What do you think?



I don’t know if you ever had this feeling yourself, but when I look at Gary’s work I feel young and daring to try new things.

Gary’s work has this whimsical, cartoonist feel, always joyful, always upbeat. Have a look at his accounts and I am confident you will feel the same as me.

Rock painting boat Christine Onward Australia gallery blog article new music sea waves ocean travel adventure old bar

Painted rock by Gary Campbell  | Facebook | Instagram |


For those who know me from the times I started painting almost 4 years ago, you probably heard about the RockStreet Collective campaign I initiated to create bonds with and support other rock artists from across the globe. 

It is during this time that I met Danijela and I am lucky and grateful to say that we are friends ever since. 

What impresses me the most in Danijela’s work is the capability to take you on a journey of magical adventures and fantastic legend realms like only in childhood we could have imagined. I couldn’t select any of her dragons, or charmed castles to post here, but I found this wonderful little boat I am sure you will love to see too:

Christine Onward Australia art gallery blog old bar painted rock sea travel adventure beach holiday

Painted rock by Danijela Milosevic  | Facebook | Instagram |


Painted rock boats gallery art Christine Onward Australia blog article gift home decoration backpack sky romantic

Painted rock by Karen at ArtRocks by Karen | Facebook | Instagram |

I had this photo saved on Pinterest long before I actually started tackling with the idea of painting boats on rocks.

‘The painting somehow dragged me towards a sky under which I wanted to be myself, and a story of the sea I wanted to be part of too.

Not surprisingly, Karen told me this rock is about a journey she took ten years ago in Antiparos, Greece!

This is why I believe art has the unique ability to capture memories and give them immortality like nothing else in this world. I’m sure you feel the same.



I left the funny gorgeous boats towards at the end because I didn’t want you to leave here without a smile on your face. 

And since I am such a fan of naive art on rocks, myself being a part of this branch of artists, I wanted to share with you a rock a rock that genuinely made me smile.

Funny cat boat painting art blog Christine Onward Australia gallery gift excursion old bar holiday relax museum 

Painted rock by Elizabeth Printz  | Facebook

My advice is, if you haven’t tried already, do gift yourself with a cheerful rock with naive boats, and cats, or dogs, because life with rocks is better without life without.


My tenth favourite approach to painting boats on rocks is the one of Pako’s.

If you want to spend valuable time with your children, have a fun afternoon with a bunch of colours and a few rocks, do have a look at Pako’s work. You will love it.

Painted rocks by Pakize Ozdemir | Facebook | Instagram |

My own collection of painted boats is next. It’s only a little part of the rocks with boats I have painted so far, but they certainly are the ones I love the most. I hope you like them for what they are too.

Christine Onward Australia gallery blog article art original unique naive beautiful gift old bar holiday fun


Painted rocks by Christine Onward  | Facebook | Instagram | For sale Here |

Boats painted rocks art gallery unique original paintings Christine Onward gallery old bar blog

Painted rocks by Christine Onward  | For sale Here |

Small rocks paintings Christine Onward gallery blog new beautiful children’s art fun travel holiday activity family

Painted rocks by Christine Onward  | For sale Here |



More articles by Christine Onward






Since the beginning of humanity, people have surrounded themselves with all kinds of beautiful objects. Early shelters were found to be adorned with colorful drawings, sculptures, and other decorative artifacts.

But why do we feel the need to add art around us? What does art change within us in such a way that we feel drawn to gathering beauty and colours around us? 

boat art painted rock folk naive beach house decoration blog Christine Onward simple coastal decor

Art on rock by Christine Onward. For sale here


Art gives wings to our inner self

Our home is the place where, more than anywhere else, we need to be ourselves. It is where we feel most at peace, where we are most comfortable. The reason we feel this way is due to the objects we choose to have on display.

By surrounding ourselves with objects of art that we love, we can enjoy the time spent at home even more. We can be ourselves, we can start dreaming, hope, and plan our future lives.

Paintings that we love will share with us their colours, shapes, and stories that have the power to make us feel unique, or happy, or energetic, or daring... it's all in the choices we make.

painted rock home decoration beach house gift mother Christine Onward art blog Australia Old Bar

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. More from this collection here

Art makes our home more human

We are surrounded by a culture that incessantly tells us to hurry.

Art helps us take things easy, to slow down, and breathe. Take your time. Listen to your art.

Most of the things necessary to our home: the furniture, appliances, clothing, etc.  are mass produced, machine made. There seems to be an abundance of 'things' surrounding us that are soul-less, which provide no personality to our spaces. We need fulfilling interactions with the people and things we surround ourselves with. Their stories contribute to our daily experience,

Art gives our home a human soul. With every work of art we add a sense of time, personality, emotion and value to our space.

Art rocks original collection nautical ocean painting Christine Onward Australia Old Bar beach lifestyle blog love

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. More from this collection here

Art revives emotion and facilitates self-discovery

The art we surround ourselves with can revive powerful emotions. It can evoke cheerful memories, bring comfort or inspire us in most unexpected ways.

Art can be the echoing of our deepest emotions - whether positive or negative - through which we feel connected, understood, and never alone.

The art we choose to keep with us is almost always a flawless translator of our personality. The things we value, respect, embrace, or follow will come through the art choices we make and surround ourselves with.

Folk art beach house decoration Christine Onward original painting collection sale Australia holiday beach journey blue acrylic Old Bar

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. For sale here 

Art brings out the kindness in us

The art we choose to decorate our homes with can make a difference in someone's life.

We may choose these artworks to surround us because of all the change they inspire. They provide support to people who need it most, including the artists creating these works, and the people receiving them. Art is powerful in the many ways it can do good for you, and others.

tree of life love summer folk art stone painting Christine Onward rustic beach house blue decoration original housewarming one of a kind gift souvenir Australia

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. More from this collection here

Art teaches us that everything is possible

There is an act of struggle and bravery in every piece of art.

"By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others" - Satsuki Shibuya

Too often we are overwhelmed by our daily work routine, boring days, lack of expectations to such a point when we begin to forget about our life long passions or hobbies.

To see that someone has never ceased to create and dedicated all their time to pursue their dreams is invigorating. The art we choose to show off with will teach us and the others that dreams and passions are always possible to achieve. 

Art is the best lesson to learn; That in life everything continues to be possible.

night story beach love rock art original painting Christine Onward Australia blog lifestyle wellbeing Old Bar house gift coastal decoration

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. For sale here 

Art tells a story about us

Art doesn't come in singularity. Every artwork we choose says something about us. Perhaps the colours in the painting are representative for our passions. Perhaps the landscapes depicted remind us about long lived holidays, or childhood memories. Or maybe the painting revives hidden feelings, or memories we long thought forgotten

Art reconnects us with our true selves, our true memories and our thoughts.

With art we are never alone. We are only our true selves.

tree of life mexican original rock painting folk home beach decoration Christine Onward australia blog gift beautiful summer christmas

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. For sale here


More beautiful rocks and writings about creative hobbies and how they can improve you well-being HERE 

If you have questions or want to contribute with your ideas to this blog, please contact Christine Onward at: rock_street@yahoo.com.

Thank you.



In these daring times , living in the gloomy days of COVID 19 lock-downs, facing the loss of dear ones, the insecurity of our future, the hopeless inability to express ourselves in our old ways... how do we find a way out? How do we find ways to look forward to tomorrow, to relax, to smile, to live?

painted rocks Christine Onward Old Bar Australia beach house decoration coastal holiday art

Rock art by Christine Onward. More details are here

Here are a few things I wanted to write to you about today:

Getting involved in an artistic hobby for two hours a week improves your mental well-being

A study published in 2016 involving 700 participants living in Australia showed that engaging in artistic hobbies for over 100 hours a year will significantly improve your mental health and well-being.

This means that only two hours a week of taking part in a creative activity will enhance you mental well-being and general health.    

rock painting Old Bar Australia blog Christine Onward wellbeing mental hobby flowers simple ideas

Painted rocks of Old Bar, Australia. Simple ideas for everyone.

Everyday creativity improves your mood

An article in the Journal of Positive Psychology, 2016, explains that spending time on creative activities will boost your mood, increasing joy, interest, and alertness and reducing negative moods such as anger, anxiety or fear.

What to take from this? - Daily creativity is the best source to create joy, fulfillment and happiness in our life.

seagull painted rocks home decoration blog creativity australia christine Onward art beach home decor

 My favourite creative activity: rock painting. More details about these rocks here

Engaging in a hobby means you dedicate yourself to something that brings you joy, meaning, and purpose

But what is the best hobby to suit you? 

Your hobby might be either physical (take up a sporting activity), to help others (volunteer activities) or just being creative. 

How do you choose between all the options? Here are some ideas:

- try a new activity each week. When the right choice comes your way, you will not want to engage in a new activity the next week.

-ask friends

-visit a craft or hardware store


-research locally for options 

-check out educational courses


natural simple idea rock painting christine Onward Old Bar Australia home decoration art blog well being

Preserving natural beauty: painted rock by Christine Onward

I recently found myself quite excited about buying a cruise bike. I picked a small and girly one ( I call her Lola!) , to take me to places in Old Bar I never get to see otherwise. Riding along the beach on little roads with almost no-one passing by is heaven! Fresh air, sound of waves whilst dreaming of Cuba, or Italy, or France; Well, that's my best way to end the day.

bike ride Old Bar australia holiday leisure ocean beauty Christine Onward art

"Lola" checking out on some of the most beautiful lookouts in Old Bar


But the hobby that keeps me going is my love for rocks and my love for the sea.

The beautiful rocks of Old Bar, with amazing shapes and smooth surfaces often make me choose simple designs, figurative shapes, and monochrome designs.

I want to preserve the natural beauty and energy of my rocks.

I want them to share the beauty and strength of the swirls and the wind that shaped them for thousands and thousands of years, what made them become what they are today: rocks of magic.

rock painting simple ideas Christine Onward australia decorative art blog

Preserving natural beauty: painted rocks by Christine Onward


If you feel driven towards rock painting, do start by making friends with your own rocks. Let the shape of the rocks tell you what they want to become, what they want to inspire and who they want to be with.

The rock you paint can change someone's life. It's up to you to what degree and for how long it does it.

Happy rocking :) ,


painted rock boat coastal art Christine Onward rustic beach decoration Old Bar Australia

Preserving natural beauty: painted rock by Christine Onward for sale here


Stories of the Outback : Living Life in Own Sacred Ways

Stories of the Outback : Living Life in Own Sacred Ways 31

Every journey to the outback I had so far was a new discovery. I am not talking about the discovery of new (extraordinary!) places only. I am talking about discovering new lessons of life, the lessons you carry with you throughout life, think of them, use them, and, at meaningful times, share them with others.

This year’s outback discovery was meeting people who chose to live their lives on their own terms; people who chose to live as if other’s rules of living did not exist but their own. Out of all other ways people chose to live, their own was sacred.

It’s a wonderful lesson to learn: regardless of the rules of life others obey to, the one you choose for yourself is sacred and is worth standing for.

journey travel outback Australia Bourke Christine Onward art blog beautiful

Memorable travels in outback Australia: road from Bourke to Wanaaring (right before the sunset)



Meeting M. was a moment long sought for. We had tried to call her a few times, unsuccessfully though. A couple of times we had had driven to her farm. She was not there. The gates were locked.

But every try was worth it as we discovered when we met M. the first time.



outback farm Australia travel journey lesson Christine Onward art painting rustic flowers

Entrance to the Goonery farm (under clear blue skies)


Reaching M’s house was quite an adventure, as recent rains made access to the barracks really tricky.

A hundred metres drive from the gate and we turn a sharp left. A large muddy pond spreads in front of us right from the middle of the road. At the other end of the pond a white car is bogged into the mud all the way up to the windows.

flood water pond australia outback beautiful blog art Christine Onward

Rare occasions of flood in the area


We drive carefully on the edge of the muddy waters and continue on for a few hundred metres on bare dirt road. All around us there are old vehicles, rusty engines, metal scraps, and piles of useless wires.

I’m beginning to think of snakes hiding between all this strange gathering of disregarded stuff. Apart from snakes, rats also come to my mind. And that is terrifying.

As we get closer to the house, everything becomes even more cluttered. Old tanks, water pumps from old times, rusty trucks, 50 years old or more, make access to M.’s place even more trickier. In the distance I see animal paddocks, few horses running free, and a couple of dogs resting in the shade.

It is so quiet.

old house rusty outback farm story journey travel beautiful Australia Christine Onward blog art


M.’s house is hidden behind a tall fence and wild vegetation.

As far as I can see, the house walls are scratched and torn; some of the windows are covered with plastic boards and rugs. It’s sad, painfully sad to watch all these.

We call M. out in lower after some careful thought. Who is this lady of the scraps and what she might look like?

She comes out quickly with a large smile on her face. She looks tall, taller than me at least, small built, with short grey hair.

Her clothes are old and torn. Grey patches cover the holes in her over sized jeans. The collar of a once yellow shirt is revealed and I can’t decide if it’s actually dirty or grey from too much use:

She had surgery. Then went to Dubbo to help a friend who was struggling with cancer.

I’m watching her talk quickly with large gestures and continuous smiles. Her happy demeanour is contagious and I begin to love her, despite previous concerns. I feel no pity for her, no sadness for this life she chose. I only love her because she is nothing but light and full-on positive energy. And she is humble and eager to help.

She is the master of what she chose to be.




The memory of M. remained fresh in my mind for many weeks. I didn’t know what to do with what I had seen at the Goonery. I didn’t know if it was sadness, or bravery, or illness what I had seen. All these were with me, tearing me apart, until I decided to paint M., to give her a new life, a life on my own terms.

I cut through the bare scene of red empty sands and placed inside a merry garden of flowers, as M. deserves. Between such flowers I gave life to a new M., to “Queen Magg”.

I threw the torn grey clothes away and gave her a magical dress painted in joyful patterns and happy colours. As for the eyes, the tired empty eyes I met at the Goonery, I wanted to give them life too. I wanted them to shine, to share hope, and share love. I wanted her to be remembered as she deserves: as a queen.  


painting Christine Onward naive art flowers garden folk Sydney artist Australia journey blog

"Queen Magg", painting by Christine Onward. Description and other details are Here


Disclaimer: none of the photos used in this article belong to the Goonery (except for the entrance at the farm). The name of the described character was hidden to protect her privacy. Apart from that, the story is real and presented through my own lenses. If you feel you need to know more, please send an email on rock_street@yahoo.com.

Short video about the painting is uploaded on: https://www.instagram.com/christine.onward/?hl=en

THE IMPERFECTLY PERFECT IN ART- Sussi Louise Smith talking about growth, colours, and passions of life

THE IMPERFECTLY PERFECT IN ART- Sussi Louise Smith talking about growth, colours, and passions of life 34

If I was only allowed to use one word to describe Sussi Louise's art, it would be the word INSPIRING. There are a thousand other words in my heart to use, of course (happy, bright, cheerful, unique, moving, ...) but it does seem to me that INSPIRING includes them all. That is because every time I see Sussi's works, I want to be like her: I want to be a ray of sunshine, despite all the rain; I want to be a song of colours, and I want to give others smiles, just like she does.

Today my greatest hope is that you feel inspired by Sussi's sparkling personality and her extraordinary artwork too. And when you do, allow your heart a smile. She painted it for YOU.


Portrait of an artist: Sussi Louise Smith


painting naive art Sussi Louise Smith UK Ilke art Christine Onward blog gouache girl sunshine books 

 The happy art of Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website

 The wonderful Sussi:

"I have been painting and illustrating for almost 30 years.

I developed this particular style through a dream I had while I was expecting my first baby.

I have synaesthesia, which, to a certain extent, means "a mixing of the senses". For me it means that I read really fast and in vibrations; that's why I worked in academia for many many years.

For my art however it is extra special because sounds have colours and colours have sounds and emotions. My energy has colours and vibration, my emotions can have light and smells. It may sound weird, but it makes total sense. Really, it does!

painted rock read book Grove bookshop Ilkley UK Sussi Louise Smith art blog Christine Onward
"Reading in wintertime is like having chocolate after a long walk". Find these rocks at The Grove Bookshop Ilkley where Sussi is campaigning for the encouragement of children to read more 

Synaesthesia also means that I am very sensitive to signals and energy therefore these are what I usually paint.

I have a saying that my soul paints through my musical heart and hands. And very often, this is true: I look at things I have painted and I think: "Wauaw that is nice, I wish I could paint like that!"

painted rocks owls birds art Sussi Louise Ilkley UK art online blog Christine Onward naive children fun

Beautiful colours and so much joy! Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website 

I paint because my soul tells me to, but really, I am a writer and a helper. For now I just happen to write in colours.

I believe that I can make a difference by caring. I care: I care about you. Me. The ecosystem and the wind. I am a lover not a hater.

When I was caring for my dying parents and my husband with cancer (he is still with us, thank God), I found out that by painting next to them they felt happier. And in the hospitals and hospices other patients felt the same.

                  angel painted rock abstract figurative Rock Street Christine Onward art blog Sussi Louise love             

Colours and shapes for happy times. Original design by Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website 


I started to exhibit in medical practicesThey would contact me and I would ask what they were specialising in. Based on that, I would then tune the artwork into that community of practice.

I also have a travelling mini-exhibition that helps people who need a smile and dream themselves in my worlds for a while. They can have the paintings on their walls for up to six months.

Something very important about me is that about three years ago I made a pledge to the Action for Happiness Organisation: to paint for smiles and not because I want to get rich (not that I wouldn't like to have some more money). Just to let things flow out of my hands and hear what the heart has to say.

In this way my hashtag #sussishappyartproject has reached from Hawaii to Australia, from Iceland to South Africa and from young children to 97 year olds. I have painted pebbles for gravestones and Christening. I write stories for autistic children and grown-ups with depression. If that's not being blessed I don't know what is.

painting action for happiness sussi smith Ilkley uk art online Rock Street Christine Onward blog

Action for Happiness: paintings by Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website 


I have lots of training as an artist but no formal education, apart from a year in college, when I was 22 and I was studying to be a teacher. I have taken courses in all kinds of styles and techniques. However, for me my truest voice is the Naïvism. It's where I feel the light at its brightest.

naive painted rocks sussi louise Ilkley UK art online Christine Onward bright love colours australia

Naive art: rocks by Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website 


The main mediums I use are watercolour and acrylics on paper and canvas. I also paint on stones and walls, porcelain, and fabrics; basically anything.

For some reason my stone stories are very popular and I really appreciate this. Clients tell me a story about themselves or the person they love. Sometimes they send me pictures and I proceed with painting their story on a stone. And that is such a beautiful honour for me. The grace and divine love they show for their loved ones and the fact that they entrust me with painting it really make me the luckiest girl alive!

painted rock Sussi Louise art online naive Christine Onward              painted rock children sheep love art online Rock Street Christine Onward blog naive sussi loise      painted rock fairy fun love colourful Sussi Louise Ilkley Uk home children gift

book lover painted rock naive art Sussi Louise online blog Christine Onward art promote sale australia          girl children toy gift happy naive art online painting stone Sussi Louise Christine Onward blog         stork bird panted rock baby gift decoration fun art blog Christine Onward blue

Stone stories: naive art by Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website |


The personal expression of my art is so true, so raw, so deep. And it is eternally grateful. So who cares if my rocks are not perfect?


painting art blog Sussi Louise painted stones happy grateful Rock Street blog Christine Onward

If you enjoyed her story, do follow Sussi on Instagram HERE. You will experience the fun, the colours, the warmth of all she does, GUARANTEED. 


Sussi and I are welcoming your comments in the section below. Also you can make inquiries or add info on: rock_street@yahoo.com.

If interested to buy, rocks for SALE are here