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Having been a rock painter for over 7 years now, I learned that collecting and displaying my painted rocks in a memorable fashion can often be challenging or frustrating. Most of the rocks I was really passionate about, some from dear artist friends, some painted by me, ended up in drawers collecting dust just because I found it difficult to figure ways to display them in a safe and attractive way.

For reasons as these, I constantly started to think of ways on how to actually make use of my painted rocks and incorporate them in simple art decorations that could add value not only to my home but also to the paintings themselves.

For Part 1 of this series of DIY decorations with painted rocks, I thought to begin with something simple and funny paint: little SARDINES.

To see how the sardines were painted, there is a short tutorial uploaded HERE.




coastal decoration art diy painted rock nautical stone beach house hut holiday blog christine onward Original art decoration with painted rocks by Christine Onward, for sale HERE

To make this decoration yourself, you will need a few small driftwood sticks, about 4 or 5 little rock sardines, a bit of rope and a little shell. Tie the sticks and rocks together, glue the shell to the knot and here is a unique decoration full of beach vibes for your coastal décor!

coastal decoration original christine onward stone art rock painting

More rock painting ideas by Christine Onward are HERE



                sardine upcycle can art stone painting tutorial coastal decoration christine onward old bar australia   

 Original art decoration with painted rocks by Christine Onward, for sale HERE


This project was really easy and fun to make. Recycling and upcycling things around the house has been one of my main interests in art so far, so finding a way to use the sardine cans I had saved was actually quite satisfying. 

The things I used are: a small frame, a sardine can (which I jumped on a few times :))  and two little rock sardines. Done in less than 20 min!



      rustic wooden decoration with painted rocks tutorial rock painting idea coastal decoration stone painting fish art Christine Onward ideas

More rock painting ideas by Christine Onward are HERE

This project is for the case when you don't want to use a frame.

I had a little wooden board left from another project. All I needed was to give it a few layers of white paint and just stick the rocks on it in the style I wanted. At the back I put a small hook.

If you happen to have a larger piece of wood at home, I believe it would be fun to also apply other things of the sea such as shells, sea glass or pieces of driftwood on it.  



         fish coastal decoration jar cheap ideas by Christine Onward art blog rock painting ideas  coastal decor beach house fun family project craft DIY art rock painting idea sardines Christine Onward

Simple coastal decorating ideas by Christine Onward. More collections are HERE

Again, a very simple and inexpensive idea for your coastal décor. I found these little jars in a Salvation Army store, but I think they can be found in many home decor stores these days. 

For this project I used some white sand on the bottom of the jars, few shells and the painted rocks. The bigger the jar, the more fun :)

This can be such a nice project to share with the family, each member being challenged to add their own holiday painted rock in the family jar.



                 coastal decoration painted rocks simple idea fish

Simple coastal decorating ideas by Christine Onward. More collections are HERE

A quick video with how I tamed my painted sardines to stay together is HERE. 

The incense stick holder is easy to find in cheap stores and not only there.

I used sardine rocks for this project because the theme for this blog is COASTAL DECORATIONS with painted rocks. Instead of fishes, you can use any little painted rocks you have around the house. They will all look absolutely eye catching, I believe. 



The porcelain candle holder was for me love at first sight! The moment I saw it, I knew I could put some little stones on it and make them turn to life.

Lighting that little candle up and watching its shadows dance on the little fish is absolutely mesmerising. Here are some photos I took of it in the daylight:

             coastal decor candle holder painting rocks ideas Christine Onward  candle holder art decor beach house stone paint fish DIY

Simple coastal decorating idea candle holder by Christine Onward. More ideas are HERE



         fish basket coastal decoration by chrsitne Onward rock painting art blog ideas   

Simple coastal decorating project by Christine Onward. More ideas are HERE


The little ceramic bowls are from India and I got them on Ebay. I think they make for really unique, adorable coastal decorations that you can make yourself without much effort.

The rocks aren't even glued to the little baskets, so kids can actually play with them and change the way they sit in the bowls just the way they want.

You can try too :). Rock painting is therapy.

For projects that would look identical to those shown in the photos, a supply of sardines painted on rocks can be purchased HERE

Sardines in a box, supplies for your own projects. See more details HERE 


Since the beginning of humanity, people have surrounded themselves with all kinds of beautiful objects. Early shelters were found to be adorned with colorful drawings, sculptures, and other decorative artifacts.

But why do we feel the need to add art around us? What does art change within us in such a way that we feel drawn to gathering beauty and colours around us? 

boat art painted rock folk naive beach house decoration blog Christine Onward simple coastal decor

Art on rock by Christine Onward. For sale here


Art gives wings to our inner self

Our home is the place where, more than anywhere else, we need to be ourselves. It is where we feel most at peace, where we are most comfortable. The reason we feel this way is due to the objects we choose to have on display.

By surrounding ourselves with objects of art that we love, we can enjoy the time spent at home even more. We can be ourselves, we can start dreaming, hope, and plan our future lives.

Paintings that we love will share with us their colours, shapes, and stories that have the power to make us feel unique, or happy, or energetic, or daring... it's all in the choices we make.

painted rock home decoration beach house gift mother Christine Onward art blog Australia Old Bar

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. More from this collection here

Art makes our home more human

We are surrounded by a culture that incessantly tells us to hurry.

Art helps us take things easy, to slow down, and breathe. Take your time. Listen to your art.

Most of the things necessary to our home: the furniture, appliances, clothing, etc.  are mass produced, machine made. There seems to be an abundance of 'things' surrounding us that are soul-less, which provide no personality to our spaces. We need fulfilling interactions with the people and things we surround ourselves with. Their stories contribute to our daily experience,

Art gives our home a human soul. With every work of art we add a sense of time, personality, emotion and value to our space.

Art rocks original collection nautical ocean painting Christine Onward Australia Old Bar beach lifestyle blog love

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. More from this collection here

Art revives emotion and facilitates self-discovery

The art we surround ourselves with can revive powerful emotions. It can evoke cheerful memories, bring comfort or inspire us in most unexpected ways.

Art can be the echoing of our deepest emotions - whether positive or negative - through which we feel connected, understood, and never alone.

The art we choose to keep with us is almost always a flawless translator of our personality. The things we value, respect, embrace, or follow will come through the art choices we make and surround ourselves with.

Folk art beach house decoration Christine Onward original painting collection sale Australia holiday beach journey blue acrylic Old Bar

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. For sale here 

Art brings out the kindness in us

The art we choose to decorate our homes with can make a difference in someone's life.

We may choose these artworks to surround us because of all the change they inspire. They provide support to people who need it most, including the artists creating these works, and the people receiving them. Art is powerful in the many ways it can do good for you, and others.

tree of life love summer folk art stone painting Christine Onward rustic beach house blue decoration original housewarming one of a kind gift souvenir Australia

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. More from this collection here

Art teaches us that everything is possible

There is an act of struggle and bravery in every piece of art.

"By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others" - Satsuki Shibuya

Too often we are overwhelmed by our daily work routine, boring days, lack of expectations to such a point when we begin to forget about our life long passions or hobbies.

To see that someone has never ceased to create and dedicated all their time to pursue their dreams is invigorating. The art we choose to show off with will teach us and the others that dreams and passions are always possible to achieve. 

Art is the best lesson to learn; That in life everything continues to be possible.

night story beach love rock art original painting Christine Onward Australia blog lifestyle wellbeing Old Bar house gift coastal decoration

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. For sale here 

Art tells a story about us

Art doesn't come in singularity. Every artwork we choose says something about us. Perhaps the colours in the painting are representative for our passions. Perhaps the landscapes depicted remind us about long lived holidays, or childhood memories. Or maybe the painting revives hidden feelings, or memories we long thought forgotten

Art reconnects us with our true selves, our true memories and our thoughts.

With art we are never alone. We are only our true selves.

tree of life mexican original rock painting folk home beach decoration Christine Onward australia blog gift beautiful summer christmas

Original art, painted rock by Christine Onward. For sale here


More beautiful rocks and writings about creative hobbies and how they can improve you well-being HERE 

If you have questions or want to contribute with your ideas to this blog, please contact Christine Onward at: rock_street@yahoo.com.

Thank you.

WEDNESDAY SNAPSHOT - TOP 20 prettiest rocks for this EASTER

WEDNESDAY SNAPSHOT - TOP 20 prettiest rocks for this EASTER 27

A Showcase of the Most Adorable Easter Rock

Designs Worth Trying


One of the reasons I love this time of the year is that it gives us, the rock artists, the chance to create and paint the prettiest designs in the brightest colours!

I did a bit of "Easter rock hunting" in some of the most significant rock art groups on Facebook (RockStreet Collective included), as well as Instagram and Pinterest, and here is a selection of some of the most adorable rocks I could find:

Easter painted rocks Pinterest Christine Onward wednesday art blog

Collage of Easter rocks selected on Pinterest (check link for individual artists)


Here are some more designs you might feel inspired to try too:



painted rocks Easter bunnies pretty children colourful Christine Onward art blogger australia   

Collage of Easter painted rocks by Kh Ang | Sue Huson | Misty Day | Tracy Joy


A wonderful display of Easter bunny rocks to melt your heart:

display Easter rocks bunnies Lidia Zingerle Christine Onward art blog Wednesday SNAPSHOT

Painted rocks Easter bunnies by Lidia Zingerle of RockStreet Collective 




collage painted rocks colourful easter blog Christine Onward Australia  

Collage of Easter painted rocks by Carie Schoen | Em Made This | Carrie Hart Sharp |





ICONS PAINTED ROCKS easter blog Christine Onward quality online art


Collage of Easter painted rocks by Magdalena Neycheva | Sue Huson | Christine Onward |





painted rocks chicken ducks Easter art blog Christine Onward Wednesday Snapshot

Easter painted rocks by Lefteris Kanetis | Liam Houlroyd | Isabelle Tamini Esposito |


My selection of these rocks was, by no means, based on "quality", "artists' reputation", or financial reward. Some of the rocks were posted on RockStreet Collective by the artists themselves over the last weeks, some rocks have been "heating up" on the Rock Street Pinterest account and some have just smiled at me on Instagram.

 I wish you all days with sunshine and family fun. Happy Easter!


Rabbit Easter painted rocks america stone Christine Onward art blogger

Easter bunny painted rock by Kathy Whitney Conlin | Instagram | Facebook
Disclaimer: Credit was given to all artists who painted the rocks featured in this article. If you intend to use any of these ideas for your rocks, please do contact the artist and avoid copyright infringements. For more questions you can send me an email at rock_street@yahoo.com


This is an article written by Christine Onward . If you want to be the next artist featured on our blog, please drop a message on rock_street@yahoo.com.

You can discover and enjoy more art on rocks on our Facebook group, RockStreet Collective.
More painted rocks for sale are HERE
THE IMPERFECTLY PERFECT IN ART- Sussi Louise Smith talking about growth, colours, and passions of life

THE IMPERFECTLY PERFECT IN ART- Sussi Louise Smith talking about growth, colours, and passions of life 34

If I was only allowed to use one word to describe Sussi Louise's art, it would be the word INSPIRING. There are a thousand other words in my heart to use, of course (happy, bright, cheerful, unique, moving, ...) but it does seem to me that INSPIRING includes them all. That is because every time I see Sussi's works, I want to be like her: I want to be a ray of sunshine, despite all the rain; I want to be a song of colours, and I want to give others smiles, just like she does.

Today my greatest hope is that you feel inspired by Sussi's sparkling personality and her extraordinary artwork too. And when you do, allow your heart a smile. She painted it for YOU.


Portrait of an artist: Sussi Louise Smith


painting naive art Sussi Louise Smith UK Ilke art Christine Onward blog gouache girl sunshine books 

 The happy art of Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website

 The wonderful Sussi:

"I have been painting and illustrating for almost 30 years.

I developed this particular style through a dream I had while I was expecting my first baby.

I have synaesthesia, which, to a certain extent, means "a mixing of the senses". For me it means that I read really fast and in vibrations; that's why I worked in academia for many many years.

For my art however it is extra special because sounds have colours and colours have sounds and emotions. My energy has colours and vibration, my emotions can have light and smells. It may sound weird, but it makes total sense. Really, it does!

painted rock read book Grove bookshop Ilkley UK Sussi Louise Smith art blog Christine Onward
"Reading in wintertime is like having chocolate after a long walk". Find these rocks at The Grove Bookshop Ilkley where Sussi is campaigning for the encouragement of children to read more 

Synaesthesia also means that I am very sensitive to signals and energy therefore these are what I usually paint.

I have a saying that my soul paints through my musical heart and hands. And very often, this is true: I look at things I have painted and I think: "Wauaw that is nice, I wish I could paint like that!"

painted rocks owls birds art Sussi Louise Ilkley UK art online blog Christine Onward naive children fun

Beautiful colours and so much joy! Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website 

I paint because my soul tells me to, but really, I am a writer and a helper. For now I just happen to write in colours.

I believe that I can make a difference by caring. I care: I care about you. Me. The ecosystem and the wind. I am a lover not a hater.

When I was caring for my dying parents and my husband with cancer (he is still with us, thank God), I found out that by painting next to them they felt happier. And in the hospitals and hospices other patients felt the same.

                  angel painted rock abstract figurative Rock Street Christine Onward art blog Sussi Louise love             

Colours and shapes for happy times. Original design by Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website 


I started to exhibit in medical practicesThey would contact me and I would ask what they were specialising in. Based on that, I would then tune the artwork into that community of practice.

I also have a travelling mini-exhibition that helps people who need a smile and dream themselves in my worlds for a while. They can have the paintings on their walls for up to six months.

Something very important about me is that about three years ago I made a pledge to the Action for Happiness Organisation: to paint for smiles and not because I want to get rich (not that I wouldn't like to have some more money). Just to let things flow out of my hands and hear what the heart has to say.

In this way my hashtag #sussishappyartproject has reached from Hawaii to Australia, from Iceland to South Africa and from young children to 97 year olds. I have painted pebbles for gravestones and Christening. I write stories for autistic children and grown-ups with depression. If that's not being blessed I don't know what is.

painting action for happiness sussi smith Ilkley uk art online Rock Street Christine Onward blog

Action for Happiness: paintings by Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website 


I have lots of training as an artist but no formal education, apart from a year in college, when I was 22 and I was studying to be a teacher. I have taken courses in all kinds of styles and techniques. However, for me my truest voice is the Naïvism. It's where I feel the light at its brightest.

naive painted rocks sussi louise Ilkley UK art online Christine Onward bright love colours australia

Naive art: rocks by Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website 


The main mediums I use are watercolour and acrylics on paper and canvas. I also paint on stones and walls, porcelain, and fabrics; basically anything.

For some reason my stone stories are very popular and I really appreciate this. Clients tell me a story about themselves or the person they love. Sometimes they send me pictures and I proceed with painting their story on a stone. And that is such a beautiful honour for me. The grace and divine love they show for their loved ones and the fact that they entrust me with painting it really make me the luckiest girl alive!

painted rock Sussi Louise art online naive Christine Onward              painted rock children sheep love art online Rock Street Christine Onward blog naive sussi loise      painted rock fairy fun love colourful Sussi Louise Ilkley Uk home children gift

book lover painted rock naive art Sussi Louise online blog Christine Onward art promote sale australia          girl children toy gift happy naive art online painting stone Sussi Louise Christine Onward blog         stork bird panted rock baby gift decoration fun art blog Christine Onward blue

Stone stories: naive art by Sussi Louise Smith | Facebook | Instagram | Website |


The personal expression of my art is so true, so raw, so deep. And it is eternally grateful. So who cares if my rocks are not perfect?


painting art blog Sussi Louise painted stones happy grateful Rock Street blog Christine Onward

If you enjoyed her story, do follow Sussi on Instagram HERE. You will experience the fun, the colours, the warmth of all she does, GUARANTEED. 


Sussi and I are welcoming your comments in the section below. Also you can make inquiries or add info on: rock_street@yahoo.com.

If interested to buy, rocks for SALE are here
Tags Made Easy: Quick 10-Step-Hashtag Template to Increase Your Views on Instagram

Tags Made Easy: Quick 10-Step-Hashtag Template to Increase Your Views on Instagram 17

Tags Made Easy: Quick 10-Step-Hashtag Template to Skyrocket Your Views on Instagram .
Mystical Travels in the World of Pure Rock Art - an Interview with Fascinating French Artist, Lysa Mignot

Mystical Travels in the World of Pure Rock Art - an Interview with Fascinating French Artist, Lysa Mignot 8

Welcome back to our wonderful world of painted rocks and their astonishing creators! Today I have this extraordinary opportunity to introduce to you a fascinating artist, wonderful person, and dear friend, Lysa Mignot of Toulouse, France. 

My journey with the RockStreet  community has allowed me to meet many interesting, talented and hard working people so far, but I must tell, Lysa has never failed to show me the deepest passion and fantastic devotion to her art as noone before.

Here is Lysa's discourse addressed to you all. I left it unedited, because I wanted to preserve the unique glow showing not only in her art creations but also in her writing:               


"Bonjour, mon nom d’artiste est Lyzzz, avec 3 z car je suis une rêveuse.

Hello, my artist name is Lyzzz, with 3 z because I'm a dreamer.


French Rock Painter Lysa Mignot, creator of amazing miniature art on stones

Photo: French artist Lysa Mignot of Toulouse | Facebook | Instagram |


Je vis dans le sud de la France à Toulouse, qu’on appelle “la Ville Rose” en raison de la couleur de ses briques. Traversée par la Garonne, il règne dans cette ville un climat tempéré, toujours propice à se promener le long de ses berges. 
En remontant le fleuve jusqu’aux Pyrénées, on rencontre le Salat, affluent de la Garonne, qui prend sa source au cœur des montagnes. C’est dans le lit de cette rivière que je recherche mes trésors.

I live in the south of France in the city of Toulouse, also called "The Pink City" due to the colour of its brick walls. The city is crossed by river Garonne which keeps the climate of the region quite temperate and invites to long walks along its banks. Going up the river to the Pyrenees mountains there is the wonderful Salat, a tributary of the Garonne, with its birth place in the heart of the mountains. It is in the Salat riverbed that I search for and collect my rock treasures.


Toulouse in the South of France where rock artist Lysa Mignot lives and creates

Photo: Astounding capture of Salat river by the Pyrénées Mountains

J’ai la manie de collectionner des petits cailloux et ma meilleure satisfaction est de trouver la pierre parfaite en forme de cœur. D’un autre côté, le dessin fait partie de moi depuis toujours. Je suis fascinée par la ramure des arbres et les fleurs sont pour moi une insatiable source d’inspiration. J’ai donc décidé de se faire rencontrer ces deux facettes de ma personnalité.
J’ai peint mon premier galet il y a 10 ans, avec les élèves de la classe de mon fils. Ils avaient besoin de récolter des fonds pour financer un voyage et nous avons vendu plein de galets peints au marché de Noël. 
Je n’ai pas gardé de photos de ces premières pierres mais à partir de ce moment, les choses se sont enchaînées et l’aventure a continué pour moi. Voici un galet cœur que j’ai réalisé à cette période pour la boutique qui exposait mes créations.

I have always had the habit of collecting small pebbles. One of my biggest joys is to find the perfect stones in the shape of a love heart. Drawing has also been part of me for a very long time. I am fascinated by the antlers of the trees and by flowers. They  are my insatiable source of inspiration. So I decided to meet these two sides of my personality and start painting fantastic trees and flowers on rocks.

I painted my first pebble 10 years ago, with students in my son's class. They needed to raise funds to finance a trip so we managed to sell plenty of painted pebbles at the Christmas market. I did not keep any pictures of those first stones but from that moment things went on and the adventure continued for me.

Here is a pebble heart I have created for the shop that exhibits my creations.


Painted stone unique miniature art by French artist Lysa Mignot

Photo: Miniature painted rock, art creation by Lysa Mignot | Facebook | Instagram |


Je choisis essentiellement des pierres lisses et de couleur unie, afin de jouer sur les contrastes car je ne peins pas souvent de fond. Je préfère réserver une partie naturelle de la pierre pour qu’elle libère son âme et j’aime travailler sur des galets de petite taille.
J’utilise surtout la peinture acrylique à la plume ou au pinceau et je réalise aussi des pièces en mosaïque. La coquille d’œuf ou la nacre se travaillent facilement et apportent une originalité à mes bijoux.

I rarely paint the background of the rocks. That is why I choose mostly smooth stones and solid colour to play with the contrasts. I prefer to preserve a natural part of the stone so that it releases its soul. I prefer working on pebbles of small size and create miniature works of art.

I mainly use acrylic paint with pen or brush and I also make mosaic pieces. The eggshell and mother of pearl are easy to work with and make my jewels unique and original.


Photo: Fantastic art creations painted rocks by Lysa Mignot | Facebook | Instagram |


Même si je reviens toujours aux fleurs et aux arbres, j’aime me renouveler et je suis perpétuellement à la recherche de nouveaux sujets et techniques. 
En ce moment et grâce à la magnifique diversité des créations proposées par les membres du groupe international Rockstreet Collective, j’ai commencé à m’intéresser aux chouettes que j’étudie pour agrandir ma vitrine.

Even though I always return to flowers and trees, I like to learn and progress with my art. I always look for new ideas and new techniques. Most recently and thanks to the wonderful diversity of the creations exhibited by the members of the international group RockStreet Collective, I started to be interested in owls which I am studying to enlarge my collections now.


Painted stone owl by French rock painter Lysa Mignot

Photo: Miniature painted rock, art creation by Lysa Mignot | Facebook | Instagram |



Comme pour beaucoup d’artistes, des phases de motivation au point zéro me torturent parfois, aussi je remercie vraiment du fond du cœur tous les membres de RockStreet ainsi que sa fondatrice Christine, qui me permettent chaque jour de découvrir une nouvelle surprise venue d’un autre continent.
À vous qui me donnez vos sourires et vos likes, à vous tous je dis merci, restons soudés dans notre famille de rock painters et que perdure cette ambiance merveilleuse de partage. 
Je remercie aussi tous mes amis qui me soutiennent, mes fans qui m’encouragent et mes clients qui me font vivre. 
J’espère vous avoir fait voyager dans mon univers minéral et vous invite à me suivre dans la balade, si le cœur vous en dit.

As it is for many artists, moments of motivation at zero point sometimes torture me, so I really thank from the bottom of my heart to all the members of RockStreet Collective who allow me every day to discover a new surprise from another continent.

To you who give me your smiles and your likes, to all of you I say thank you, stay united in our family of rock painters and to continue this wonderful atmosphere of sharing and making friends.

I also thank all my friends who support me, my fans who encourage me and my customers who give me a happy means to live.

I hope I have made you travel through my mineral universe and invite you to join me on my artistic walks and enjoy the art that moves you.