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PAGES OF REFLECTION – what it takes to become an ARTIST (LESSON 1)

PAGES OF REFLECTION – what it takes to become an ARTIST (LESSON 1) 2

Dear reader, wherever you may be, whatever language you speak, whichever stage in life you are, I hope you are an admirer of art.

This is because I plan to make the next few blog articles into a reflective journal about my experience of living and creating art. And as inconsistent as I am in general, I am pretty confident that this time I can give my stories continuity and meaningfulness not just for me, but for you too.

I plan to talk about my LESSONS of creating art, as selfish and personal as they may look at first sight. I’ll do it regularly because I’m confident that there is at least one person out there just like me: someone who makes mistakes, someone who struggles to understand their real call, their real style, their unique place in the world; but most of all, someone who fights to make peace with what they are becoming instead of what the world wants them to be.

Today's LESSON 1

How do you grow into a reputable artist without any expertise or previous experience?

This is a question that keeps on bothering me every time I find yet another successful artist on Instagram. It looks as if every great artist of our days has some sort of previous art-related education, hours and hours of guided advice, work with a purpose, and of course, the TALENT.

For instance, check on wonderful Yvette Coppersmith:

-Archibald Prize, 2018

-studied at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia.

-more than 21 years of experimenting with styles and subjects

-painting self-portraits since the age of 17

Yvette Coppersmith Archibald Australia portrait prize outstanding sydney artist

Painting by Australian artist Yvette Coppersmith, winner of the Archibald Prize 2018


How does MY art journey ever come close to such a glorious artist?


I bet you too keep on ruminating about the same thing as me: Maybe it’s not even worth it. Maybe it’s yet another waste of time…

But this morning I finished painting this:


surreal art painting decoration christine onward sydney artist night beautiful

"After the Dark", by Christine Onward (all rights reserved). For sale HERE 


Right through the open blinds a few sun rays started coming in. I watched them dancing merrily on the colours of the painting. That whole world, right there in the paper, was coming to life right in front of me… I was witnessing a miracle.


I had created a world that was a reflection of myself. Somewhere in this world someone like me will find themselves in this story, as much as I did. Maybe more in my painting than in other people’s paintings. Maybe I get to make them smile. And that’s the best accomplishment I can achieve.


My lesson for today is this:

Every story you create has you in it, your adventures, your memories,  your sadness, your heart. Someone will surely connect with it. If not today, they will surely show up tomorrow.

The more stories there are, the more people will connect with your art. Just keep on creating. Reward will come.



Loving these stories? Here is a beautiful story from my childhood : Surreal Night in Transylvania

More outstanding products from my latest surreal paintings are HERE 

tote bag surreal night sleep storytote bag original art night black birds christine onwardtote bag christine onward sale night painting surreal story lessons blog


Mystical Travels in the World of Pure Rock Art - an Interview with Fascinating French Artist, Lysa Mignot

Mystical Travels in the World of Pure Rock Art - an Interview with Fascinating French Artist, Lysa Mignot 7

Welcome back to our wonderful world of painted rocks and their astonishing creators! Today I have this extraordinary opportunity to introduce to you a fascinating artist, wonderful person, and dear friend, Lysa Mignot of Toulouse, France. 

My journey with the RockStreet  community has allowed me to meet many interesting, talented and hard working people so far, but I must tell, Lysa has never failed to show me the deepest passion and fantastic devotion to her art as noone before.

Here is Lysa's discourse addressed to you all. I left it unedited, because I wanted to preserve the unique glow showing not only in her art creations but also in her writing:               


"Bonjour, mon nom d’artiste est Lyzzz, avec 3 z car je suis une rêveuse.

Hello, my artist name is Lyzzz, with 3 z because I'm a dreamer.


French Rock Painter Lysa Mignot, creator of amazing miniature art on stones

Photo: French artist Lysa Mignot of Toulouse | Facebook | Instagram |


Je vis dans le sud de la France à Toulouse, qu’on appelle “la Ville Rose” en raison de la couleur de ses briques. Traversée par la Garonne, il règne dans cette ville un climat tempéré, toujours propice à se promener le long de ses berges. 
En remontant le fleuve jusqu’aux Pyrénées, on rencontre le Salat, affluent de la Garonne, qui prend sa source au cœur des montagnes. C’est dans le lit de cette rivière que je recherche mes trésors.

I live in the south of France in the city of Toulouse, also called "The Pink City" due to the colour of its brick walls. The city is crossed by river Garonne which keeps the climate of the region quite temperate and invites to long walks along its banks. Going up the river to the Pyrenees mountains there is the wonderful Salat, a tributary of the Garonne, with its birth place in the heart of the mountains. It is in the Salat riverbed that I search for and collect my rock treasures.


Toulouse in the South of France where rock artist Lysa Mignot lives and creates

Photo: Astounding capture of Salat river by the Pyrénées Mountains

J’ai la manie de collectionner des petits cailloux et ma meilleure satisfaction est de trouver la pierre parfaite en forme de cœur. D’un autre côté, le dessin fait partie de moi depuis toujours. Je suis fascinée par la ramure des arbres et les fleurs sont pour moi une insatiable source d’inspiration. J’ai donc décidé de se faire rencontrer ces deux facettes de ma personnalité.
J’ai peint mon premier galet il y a 10 ans, avec les élèves de la classe de mon fils. Ils avaient besoin de récolter des fonds pour financer un voyage et nous avons vendu plein de galets peints au marché de Noël. 
Je n’ai pas gardé de photos de ces premières pierres mais à partir de ce moment, les choses se sont enchaînées et l’aventure a continué pour moi. Voici un galet cœur que j’ai réalisé à cette période pour la boutique qui exposait mes créations.

I have always had the habit of collecting small pebbles. One of my biggest joys is to find the perfect stones in the shape of a love heart. Drawing has also been part of me for a very long time. I am fascinated by the antlers of the trees and by flowers. They  are my insatiable source of inspiration. So I decided to meet these two sides of my personality and start painting fantastic trees and flowers on rocks.

I painted my first pebble 10 years ago, with students in my son's class. They needed to raise funds to finance a trip so we managed to sell plenty of painted pebbles at the Christmas market. I did not keep any pictures of those first stones but from that moment things went on and the adventure continued for me.

Here is a pebble heart I have created for the shop that exhibits my creations.


Painted stone unique miniature art by French artist Lysa Mignot

Photo: Miniature painted rock, art creation by Lysa Mignot | Facebook | Instagram |


Je choisis essentiellement des pierres lisses et de couleur unie, afin de jouer sur les contrastes car je ne peins pas souvent de fond. Je préfère réserver une partie naturelle de la pierre pour qu’elle libère son âme et j’aime travailler sur des galets de petite taille.
J’utilise surtout la peinture acrylique à la plume ou au pinceau et je réalise aussi des pièces en mosaïque. La coquille d’œuf ou la nacre se travaillent facilement et apportent une originalité à mes bijoux.

I rarely paint the background of the rocks. That is why I choose mostly smooth stones and solid colour to play with the contrasts. I prefer to preserve a natural part of the stone so that it releases its soul. I prefer working on pebbles of small size and create miniature works of art.

I mainly use acrylic paint with pen or brush and I also make mosaic pieces. The eggshell and mother of pearl are easy to work with and make my jewels unique and original.


Photo: Fantastic art creations painted rocks by Lysa Mignot | Facebook | Instagram |


Même si je reviens toujours aux fleurs et aux arbres, j’aime me renouveler et je suis perpétuellement à la recherche de nouveaux sujets et techniques. 
En ce moment et grâce à la magnifique diversité des créations proposées par les membres du groupe international Rockstreet Collective, j’ai commencé à m’intéresser aux chouettes que j’étudie pour agrandir ma vitrine.

Even though I always return to flowers and trees, I like to learn and progress with my art. I always look for new ideas and new techniques. Most recently and thanks to the wonderful diversity of the creations exhibited by the members of the international group RockStreet Collective, I started to be interested in owls which I am studying to enlarge my collections now.


Painted stone owl by French rock painter Lysa Mignot

Photo: Miniature painted rock, art creation by Lysa Mignot | Facebook | Instagram |



Comme pour beaucoup d’artistes, des phases de motivation au point zéro me torturent parfois, aussi je remercie vraiment du fond du cœur tous les membres de RockStreet ainsi que sa fondatrice Christine, qui me permettent chaque jour de découvrir une nouvelle surprise venue d’un autre continent.
À vous qui me donnez vos sourires et vos likes, à vous tous je dis merci, restons soudés dans notre famille de rock painters et que perdure cette ambiance merveilleuse de partage. 
Je remercie aussi tous mes amis qui me soutiennent, mes fans qui m’encouragent et mes clients qui me font vivre. 
J’espère vous avoir fait voyager dans mon univers minéral et vous invite à me suivre dans la balade, si le cœur vous en dit.

As it is for many artists, moments of motivation at zero point sometimes torture me, so I really thank from the bottom of my heart to all the members of RockStreet Collective who allow me every day to discover a new surprise from another continent.

To you who give me your smiles and your likes, to all of you I say thank you, stay united in our family of rock painters and to continue this wonderful atmosphere of sharing and making friends.

I also thank all my friends who support me, my fans who encourage me and my customers who give me a happy means to live.

I hope I have made you travel through my mineral universe and invite you to join me on my artistic walks and enjoy the art that moves you.