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Having been a rock painter for over 7 years now, I learned that collecting and displaying my painted rocks in a memorable fashion can often be challenging or frustrating. Most of the rocks I was really passionate about, some from dear artist friends, some painted by me, ended up in drawers collecting dust just because I found it difficult to figure ways to display them in a safe and attractive way.

For reasons as these, I constantly started to think of ways on how to actually make use of my painted rocks and incorporate them in simple art decorations that could add value not only to my home but also to the paintings themselves.

For Part 1 of this series of DIY decorations with painted rocks, I thought to begin with something simple and funny paint: little SARDINES.

To see how the sardines were painted, there is a short tutorial uploaded HERE.




coastal decoration art diy painted rock nautical stone beach house hut holiday blog christine onward Original art decoration with painted rocks by Christine Onward, for sale HERE

To make this decoration yourself, you will need a few small driftwood sticks, about 4 or 5 little rock sardines, a bit of rope and a little shell. Tie the sticks and rocks together, glue the shell to the knot and here is a unique decoration full of beach vibes for your coastal décor!

coastal decoration original christine onward stone art rock painting

More rock painting ideas by Christine Onward are HERE



                sardine upcycle can art stone painting tutorial coastal decoration christine onward old bar australia   

 Original art decoration with painted rocks by Christine Onward, for sale HERE


This project was really easy and fun to make. Recycling and upcycling things around the house has been one of my main interests in art so far, so finding a way to use the sardine cans I had saved was actually quite satisfying. 

The things I used are: a small frame, a sardine can (which I jumped on a few times :))  and two little rock sardines. Done in less than 20 min!



      rustic wooden decoration with painted rocks tutorial rock painting idea coastal decoration stone painting fish art Christine Onward ideas

More rock painting ideas by Christine Onward are HERE

This project is for the case when you don't want to use a frame.

I had a little wooden board left from another project. All I needed was to give it a few layers of white paint and just stick the rocks on it in the style I wanted. At the back I put a small hook.

If you happen to have a larger piece of wood at home, I believe it would be fun to also apply other things of the sea such as shells, sea glass or pieces of driftwood on it.  



         fish coastal decoration jar cheap ideas by Christine Onward art blog rock painting ideas  coastal decor beach house fun family project craft DIY art rock painting idea sardines Christine Onward

Simple coastal decorating ideas by Christine Onward. More collections are HERE

Again, a very simple and inexpensive idea for your coastal décor. I found these little jars in a Salvation Army store, but I think they can be found in many home decor stores these days. 

For this project I used some white sand on the bottom of the jars, few shells and the painted rocks. The bigger the jar, the more fun :)

This can be such a nice project to share with the family, each member being challenged to add their own holiday painted rock in the family jar.



                 coastal decoration painted rocks simple idea fish

Simple coastal decorating ideas by Christine Onward. More collections are HERE

A quick video with how I tamed my painted sardines to stay together is HERE. 

The incense stick holder is easy to find in cheap stores and not only there.

I used sardine rocks for this project because the theme for this blog is COASTAL DECORATIONS with painted rocks. Instead of fishes, you can use any little painted rocks you have around the house. They will all look absolutely eye catching, I believe. 



The porcelain candle holder was for me love at first sight! The moment I saw it, I knew I could put some little stones on it and make them turn to life.

Lighting that little candle up and watching its shadows dance on the little fish is absolutely mesmerising. Here are some photos I took of it in the daylight:

             coastal decor candle holder painting rocks ideas Christine Onward  candle holder art decor beach house stone paint fish DIY

Simple coastal decorating idea candle holder by Christine Onward. More ideas are HERE



         fish basket coastal decoration by chrsitne Onward rock painting art blog ideas   

Simple coastal decorating project by Christine Onward. More ideas are HERE


The little ceramic bowls are from India and I got them on Ebay. I think they make for really unique, adorable coastal decorations that you can make yourself without much effort.

The rocks aren't even glued to the little baskets, so kids can actually play with them and change the way they sit in the bowls just the way they want.

You can try too :). Rock painting is therapy.

For projects that would look identical to those shown in the photos, a supply of sardines painted on rocks can be purchased HERE

Sardines in a box, supplies for your own projects. See more details HERE 
Glimpse into a life of art and self-challenge, artist Pamela Campbell talking about how yoga and rock painting became part of her life

Glimpse into a life of art and self-challenge, artist Pamela Campbell talking about how yoga and rock painting became part of her life 3

“I feel that I need both painting and yoga to become better “
Showcase of the most beautiful rocks painted by artist Lidia Zingerle, winner of the RED WEEK event in RockStreet Collective

Showcase of the most beautiful rocks painted by artist Lidia Zingerle, winner of the RED WEEK event in RockStreet Collective 24

Dear all,

As you undoubtedly remember, few weeks ago our RockStreet Collective group of rock artists honoured the beauty of using the colour red in our stone paintings.

Astonishing patterns, intricate shapes, hidden symbols, love and thrill, they were all captured in the most fascinating painted rocks there are. Here is one of my most recent articles capturing some of the most beautiful red rocks posted in RockStreet Collective. 

red week painted rocks of rockstreet collective poppies

Red rocks of RockStreet Collective celebrated Here. (photo collage by artist Lysa Mignot)


Each participating artist had the chance to be featured on Instagram every day for an entire week. At the end of the week, the most successful artists of the RED WEEK event on Facebook and Instagram were Lysa Mignot from France and Lidia Zingerle from Italy.

painted rocks red owls happy home decorations winning stone  painted rocks chickens happy home decorations winning stone red week rockstreet collective


Winning rocks of the RED WEEK event painted by artists Lysa Mignot and Lidia Zingerle

In honour of such event, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you today one of the winning artists, Lidia Zingerle, and some of her amazing creations on rock.

Rock painter Lidia Zingerle from Italy

Rock artist Lidia Zingerle, at Steinmalerei Lidia Zingerle


"Hello everybody! My Name is Lidia Zingerle, and I am from South Tyrol in Northern Italy.

10 years ago I started painting rocks, and now it has become my every day passion!!"    


painted rocks owls colourful home decorations painted rocks flowers bird happy home decorations

Colourful painted rocks by artist Lidia Zingerle


"I take all of my rocks from the rivers of the region I live in. I love the nature and because of this, I also use natural decorations such as old wood pieces to complete my artworks.To paint my rocks, I only use acrylic paint but no clear coating."


painted rocks owls wall home decorations painted rocks birds happy home decorations Italy artist Lidia Zingerle painted rocks owls home decorations by artist Lidia Zingerle

Stunning rock art by artist Lidia Zingerle

"My biggest motivation to continue painting on rocks is the smile on people's faces when they appreciate my work. 

I usually sell my rocks at creative-expos in South Tyrol, but I also ship them worldwide."


painted rock folk bird happy home decoration   painted rocks flowers butterfly bird happy home decorations   painted rocks flowers happy home decorations

Inquiries about acquiring art by Lidia Zingerle Here


"Since I joined RockStreet Collective, I have become even more inspired. I enjoy watching other artists' creations, their different styles and cultural influences from all over the world.

If you want to see more of my rocks, please visit my Facebook page Steinmalerei Lidia Zingerle and Instagram @steinmalerei. Thank you."


painted rocks fish happy home decorations by Lidia Zingerle painted rocks butterflies home decorations

Colourful painted rocks by artist Lidia Zingerle


**To all RockStreet Collective friends, I would like to thank you again for taking part in our RED WEEK event. You are amazing! Beginnig with 29th of June, I will launch a new event of colours and joy on rocks. Stay tuned!**

THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN by Tony Flurscheim

THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN by Tony Flurscheim 26

Tony Flurscheim talking this week about his first encounter with painted rocks and therapeutic benefits of rock painting


When I first saw Christine Onward’s work on the net I could sense something creative and unique there. And the universe conspires at times to arrange things…

She happened to live almost next door to where I holiday each year. At Diamond Beach, a 5 hour drive north of Sydney. We meet up for a series of rocks for my sister’s Reiki Practice Waves of Energy and order some other general pieces.


Sunrise in Diamond Beach | Photo by Tony Flurscheim | Facebook | Instagram


I can still remember our first meeting with Christine at the little café in Blackhead, nearby Diamond Beach. They have great pies there all the time. My brother-in-law is normally a placid man of few words. He was in awe when shown the rocks! He literally stood up, looked alive for a change, picked up one piece and just said: I want this one!

 It came to me just then: Rock Art must bring out extraordinary drawing talents and create Healing Powers as well.

I bought some rocks and the following week I went to Canberra, our nation’s capital, to visit my friend in a nursing home. He has Alzheimer’s. I wanted to give him a rock as a gift. I handed it to him. You should have seen the look on his face! 

It lit up. Full of life. He connected with the rock. He touched it, felt it, and quickly put it in his pocket.


Photo and rocks painted by Christine Onward | The Stunner Boutique


And one more twist of fate: Months later my friend in Canberra lost the rock I gave to him. It happened that Christine was also in Canberra for a brief stay. I contacted her and had her do up another piece, with my friend’s name on the back of the rock.

I have since been told he’s very happy, and the rock is his constant companion.

The third rock from the sun. It does have mysterious ways of Healing. And a big thank you, Christine for making that happen.


An interesting find | Photo by Tony Flurscheim | Facebook | Instagram



- Tony Flurscheim – Sydney, Australia