Glimpse into a life of art and self-challenge, artist Pamela Campbell talking about how yoga and rock painting became part of her life

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Welcome to this week’s Rock Street article about the work and lives of artists from around the globe!

Today I am really proud to share with you an exclusive interview with a wonderful person, yoga fanatic, and amazingly talented rock artist, Pamela Campbell! How yoga practising, meditation, and creating works of art fit into her daily life, is here is for you discover.

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Pamela Campbell: explosion of colors, dreams to follow, and example to never give up


“I feel that I need both painting and yoga to become better “


   Pamela, thank you for agreeing to take part in this interview. Before we begin, I would like to invite our readers to embark on a journey to your country and the places you live in and love so much. Which are these places?

I am from Eastern Kentucky, living on the foothills of the Pine Mountain. This is where I have lived my entire life. My whole world belongs to this place. I just can’t imagine living anywhere without trees and grass!


Pamela Campbell yoga exercise Pine Mountain Kentucky USA rock artist

Photo: Pamela Campbell doing her yoga exercises in the most amazing place on the foothills of the Pine Mountain


   Since I met you, I have been constantly impressed by your hard work and motivation to improve your yoga skills and abilities every day. Tell us a little about this passion. How did you begin? How did yoga become such an important part of your life?

I started yoga in my forties. Like most women when they hit this age, I started feeling all frumpy and not attractive anymore. So I began practicing a lot, mostly from videos, until I could learn a great deal. Now I just do my own flow from what I learned. I mostly do vinyasa flows with a little ashtanga and kundalini exercises.

One incredible thing about yoga is that you never stop learning. Thirteen years later, and I still have so many things to learn!


Pamela Campbell yoga practice Kentucky USA rock artist

Photo: Pamela’s amazing yoga poses and wonderful location by the Pine Mountain


   You have a special talent and passion for painting on rocks. When did you start rock painting and how?

My love for rock painting began in 2013. Like most people I was browsing through Pinterest when I saw these beautiful rocks. I went to the river bank, gathered a few rocks, and this how the painting began!

I started with dot styles, mostly. Then I developed to a freehand style, which is just looking at something and painting it.

painted rocks fish chickens duck Pamela Campbell happy home decorations

Collection of painted rocks in the freehand style, artist Pamela Campbell | Facebook | Instagram |


My favorite things to paint are Buddhas, animals, and of course flowers. I have used watercolors before but acrylics are my paint of choice. The colors I use the most tend to be green, red, and blue.

painted rocks sale rock street pamela campbell buddha flowers barn USA

Pamela Campbell’s explosion of beauty and colours. These rocks are now for sale Here


I've probably painted over 200 rocks. It's like adding life to a stone that's been soulless in the nature for so long. It's a wonderful feeling. 

painted rocks birds owl hummingbird art naive Pamela Campbell

Wonderful art naif  by artist Pamela Campbell for sale Here.


   How does rock painting and yoga fit together into your life? What draws you to engaging into these activities every day?

I think rock painting and yoga go hand in hand because they are both forms of meditation. Yoga and painting are also forms of art. When my painting gets better so does my practice. This is why I feel that I need them both to become better.

painted rock lotus meditation yoga art pamela campbell

Painted rock by artist Pamela Campbell for sale Here 


Passionate about beauty and rocks? Here are other painted rocks of stunning quality and wonderful designs for you to have a look at.


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