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Tags Made Easy: Quick 10-Step-Hashtag Template to Increase Your Views on Instagram


As many of us must have realised by now, Instagram has become an important tool to build audience and get more exposure for our rock creations. But how is it that some become more popular than others? What are the right tools to employ in order to move ahead, get more followers, and increase sales?

Strategies are, of course, multiple but what I would like to focus on today is the right use of hashtags for your content.

So what is the right number of hashtags I should use in order to become more visible out there? Research has shown that interactions on Instagram are significantly higher if you use 11 to 15 hashtags associated with your posts.

With fewer than 10 hashtags, you probably cover only a minimal part of all possible audience. And that’s such a shame because a story as special as yours goes pretty much unknown and undiscoverable.

Therefore get creative, get wise, get bold…(but not too greedy! Accounts with more than 20 hashtags for every post have proven less efficient and with a rate of retraction higher than those who keep it wise around 15).

Here are some of the most relevant categories of hashtags you can use on Instagram to increase traffic on your account:

#1 What is your product?

Reach audience by advertising the type of product you have created. Someone out there might be explicitly looking for a #paintedrock but will not be able to reach you as you haven’t told anyone about your product.

Simple examples for this category: #rock, #paintedrock, #paintedstone, #stonepainting, #rockpainting etc.

Here are some rocks posted in RockStreet Collective with suggested hashtags:

efficient Instagram hashtags

Painted rocks by |Sylvia Van Leer  #slate | Lysa Mignot #stoneart | Piedras con Alma #paintedrock |

#2 What is it that you painted on your rock?

Yes, as simple as that. If I wanted a painted elephant from an artist on Instagram, I would obviously search for elephant, elephant painting, or painted elephant. Tell me your painted elephant is there too.

Here are some examples of hashtags for these rocks posted on RockStreet Collective:

most efficient Instagram hashtags

Painted rocks by Karen Bicknell  #elephant | Leilani Holverson  #bees | Anya Siden-Berin #bug

#3 What can my product be used for?

You can now picture your product in the most exciting, unusual, or most frequented places of the world. Just tell the others where your product would best fit in.

Here are some examples: #homedecoration, #paperweight, #bookend, #garden, #yogaretreat etc

Here’s what I came up with for these rocks:

painted rocks of RockStreet Collective

Painted rocks by | Isabel Garcia Pires  #wearableart #necklace | Debora Penachione  #paperweight | Mariella Trigari #doorstop |

#4 This category allows you to play even more with your hashtags. You can go with:

#4a How did you make it?

Examples: #handpainted, #carving, #scratching

#4b What did you use to make it?

Examples: #acrylics, #glitter, #napkin

#4c Descriptive features

(this one is very relevant if you aim at selling your product)

Examples: #dots, #waterproof, #unique, #oneofakind

painted rocks description hashtags

Painted rocks by | Angel Martinez Garcia  #decoupage | Danijela Milosevic  #acrylics | Dennis Sobers # scratching |

#5 What occasion would my product best associate with?

Think simple: Is this product suitable for a special occasion? What is the event that my rock/painting would really fit into?

Examples: #newborn, #mothersday, #Easter, #wedding

tags for painted rocks on Instagram

Painted rocks by Steenzoekertje Zoeken  #birthday | Rick McClelland  #Christmas | Kh Ang  #ChineseNewYear |

#6 Who is it for?

This category is very much related to the previous category. If you chose an occasion such as #Christmas, try to also talk to the person who wants to buy something  for Christmas. You can choose : #grandma, #charity, #breastcancerfoundation etc. Just picture the person, instead of the event.

efficient tags for Instagram painted rocks

Painted rocks by | Vicki Calicutt  #family | Misty Day  #mother | Lisa M Brueck #children |

#7 “Jump into the ocean”

This is just a generic title for you to remember to also choose some vastly used hashtags (e.g. #love, #art, #tbt, #artvsartist). They might not be as efficient as the previous ones so far, but imagine the million spectators out there to whom you are associating yourself with. Sky is the limit!

rock art of RockStreet Collective

Painted rocks by | Gaby Avila #scream, #artJeanette Maria Munch Kjær  #happy | Alina Prodan  # mandala, #mandalaart |

#8 “Make your own pond”

This comes at the opposite pole of #7. You have thrown a little fish in the vast ocean. Your rock might get unnoticed though, as there were so many at that time using the same hashtag. So why not create your own, representative pool of hashtags?

Here are some good ones I found on Instagram:

unique hashtags for instagram

Painted rocks by Sussi Louise  #soussishappyartproject | Artists of RockStreet Collective #rockstreetcollective (credit to artist Lysa Mignot for the wonderful picture)

#9 “Swim with the biggies”

– tag personalities, magazines or media accounts that might be interested in your product.

I’ll tell you this little story of an amazing photographer from India, Dipen Joshi. His only dream was to be featured on the National Geographic account some day. I cannot describe the physical and financial efforts he’s put into achieving this dream! Tens and tens of hours of travelling to the most remote places, learning how to choose the best spots, to edit, to build the story and so  on. But most importantly, he stubbornly tagged National Geographic with each and every Instagram post. You would have guessed by now that he WAS eventually featured on National Geographic and probably only he can describe what a great achievement this must have been for him.

Use a hashtag that might bring these people to you. After all, they are always in search for new talents.

rock interior decorations

Painted rocks by Christine Onward  #houseandgarden | Yvette Biedermann #jeanluisdeniotThomas Bjerre Olesen  #deepakchopra 

#10 “Play it smart”

With this category I thought of attracting the more knowledgeable Instagram users. Think about art critics, historians, journalists etc. Such tags might not always fit with what you create, but once in a while I am sure you could associate yourself with certain décor trends, art movements a.s.o.

Here are some examples I thought of: #bloomsbury, #dotillism, #bohochic, #naiveart, #folkart

smart hashtags for Instagram painted rocks

 Painted rocks by Tami Hegwood  #farmhouserustic | Christine Onward  #folkart | Pamela Campbell l #artnaif |


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    Great article!! It’s always a struggle to tag my rocks correctly and these tips will really help!

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