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MY ART BEGINNINGS: Corrina Marie Canning talking about challenges of life and how she turned them into meaningful journeys


Dear all,

Today's article is dedicated to those who, like me, feel that life has given them a SECOND CHANCE. I found Corrina's story one early morning on Instagram. Until then I had it in my heart that I was the only one (or one of the very few) who were living A LIFE FOR RENT, and was trying to make the most of it in their own terms. To me, Corrina's words were beyond inspiring, they were revealing! 

And if I am like her -on a journey- and I am not alone anymore, I am sure there will be more like us out there, just waiting for this awakening experience to happen to them too.

With these, I will let you absorb the story. I do expect you to treat it with all due respect, gratitude, and the compassion it deserves.

Thank you,
Christine Onward

painted rocks mandala art therapy meditation Corrina Canning collection art blog australia

The magic of mandalas, rock collection by Corrina Marie Canning | Facebook | Instagram |


Hi everyone,

For all those who decided to take the time to read my story, let me introduce myself.

I am Corrina Marie Canning, wild woman, Artrepreneur and Nature Enthusiast. Mother to Mitchell aged 25, grandmother to Matteo aged 3, and daughter to Dora, ageless.

I am also an artist, a tarot reader, a seeker of all things love, light, and colour. I LOVE to travel, whether it be to other countries, beaches, forests, and outside of my own mind. I am positively obsessed with sacred geometric patterns, energy, and colour.

Mandala painted sacred geometry Corrina canning at blog story christine Onward

Wonderful painting by artist Corrina Marie Canning | Facebook | Instagram |

I'll tell you something personal about my history, to give you all some insight into how I came to paint mandalas.

7 years ago I lost a baby about halfway through my pregnancy. We were on a family vacation in Cuba when it happened, hours away from the closest hospital. Thank goodness my mom was with me; I hemorrhaged badly and had an out-of-body experience on the way to the hospital.

I don’t know for how long. It seemed like lifetimes and seconds. The place I went was not a tunnel or a white light. It was like Aurora Borealis, rich in colour which I still can’t find a name for. The colours had sound, frequency, and they spoke to me and within me. I understood what felt like everything.

When I woke up in a hospital bed the next day, my body bruised and broken, but alive, I had an entirely new lease on life. And although I had always been an artist, that experience shifted the way I perceived, felt, heard and expressed it!

Within the next year I went to Bali, Indonesia with the intention to heal my body and emotions of the trauma. I had the privilege of a healing with a woman named Jero, who also saw what I had seen on the other side. She told me the colour consciousness had a message for me: that if I wanted to grow my life, I had to learn to LET GO.

She had a vision of me Painting Mandalas, holding a paintbrush. But I didn't know how to paint yet! Returning from that life changing trip I purchased my first paints, canvases and brushes. I trusted my intuition and allowed it to guide my hand.

painted rock mandala dot art Corrina Canning Canada art blog christine Onward

Mandala rock painting by Corrina Marie Canning | Facebook | Instagram |


A few months into this  (oh such a fun journey!!), the first Mandala "channelled" through. 

Whenever I tried to draw or paint one of my accords, nothing happened. It was disastrous. So I learned to surrender into a trance state, and this is where the magic flowed through.

Since then, I have been painting Mandalas on every kind of surface smooth enough to do it on.

earrings dot painting handmade jewelry mandala Corrina Marie Canning art blog Australia Christine Onwardearrings dot painting handmade jewelry mandala Corrina Marie Canning art blog Australia Christine Onwardearrings dot painting handmade jewelry mandala Corrina Marie Canning art blog Australia Christine Onward

Handpainted wearable art by Corrina Marie Canning | Facebook | Instagram |


I always think-breathe-flow Sacred Geometry everywhere and in everything. I see the whole world in a vast colour spectrum that endlessly fascinates and inspires me.

Artist Corrina Canning Canada dot painting mandala therapy art journey blog Christine Onward Australia

This photo was taken shortly after the Bali experience, as my body, emotions, and spirit were healing from the loss. I've learned that even the darkest of times bring the greatest of Treasures. What I am birthing into this world is whatever my guides, or spirit, or colour consciousness leads me to. I am an instrument. And every day I am so grateful for this gift to be able to express the world the way I see it.

I thank you all for reading my story, for following my art, and for sharing your comments with me,.

It means more than you could all know 💖.

With gratitude, Corrina xoxo

painting mandala art online dots Corrina Canning blog article Christine Onward Australia

Stunning work of art by Corrina Marie Canning | Facebook | Instagram |


Corrina and I are welcoming your comments in the section below. Also you can make inquiries or add info on:
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  • Christine Onward
Comments 11
  • Andrea Coreschi
    Andrea Coreschi

    My beautiful friend… I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

  • Virginia Lebleu
    Virginia Lebleu

    Exquiste designs and colors in your Mandelas! Your story give these works of art greater depth of beauty than first entranced!

  • Lyzzz

    Beautiful story Corinna!
    Thank you for sharing, your art is fascinating

  • Bethany Kirwen
    Bethany Kirwen

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork and inspiring story, Corinna! Your love, light, color, and encouragement add so much to our world. Thank you, Christine, for introducing Corinna through your blog. Together, you both are opening hearts and minds for good!💞

  • Heidi Mead
    Heidi Mead

    Hi Corrina! You never cease to bring the most amazing energy and insight into life. So happy your journey is taking a positive path and enriching the lives of others. Sending blessings to your spirit and heart.

  • Carmel Taylor
    Carmel Taylor

    Corinna , you are such an inspiration to everyone you meet. Your work is beyond beautiful.
    I miss & love you so much.
    Aunt Carm

  • Wendy

    Inspiring, beautiful and courageous. Your talent is truly a gift.

  • Andrea

    Corrina is such a kind artist in the dotting community. I’ve always loved her work and use of colors. I loved hearing her story. It makes each piece of hers even more special than they already were.

  • Parrish Jefferson
    Parrish Jefferson

    I’ve gotten to know this beautiful woman over the past year and felt a very strong affinity with her and her art. A more loving, gracious soul you’d be hard pressed to find! Corrina, thank you for sharing, and Christine, bravo on choosing to highlight this fascinating woman!!! Love you, Corrina!

  • Satomi

    Corrina’s story is truly inspiring. Channeling through the story, you can feel her compassion.

  • Lorraine

    Thank you for sharing Corrina’s story. It’s as amazing as her mandalas!

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