Celebrating One Year of Community and Love for Rocks - Interview with Parrish Jefferson, Collector and Ardent Supporter of Rock Art

Welcome to a new series of Rock Street publications presenting the life and achievements of our rock painters, their latest works of art, rock painting tutorials, and other news from the world of rocks!


Today I have the extraordinary occasion of interviewing the most significant collector of rock art of our days, amazingly supportive person, and activist of kindness in the world of art, Parrish Jefferson. 

Exactly a year ago Parrish began her Instagram journey and started collecting painted rocks. Since then she has been encouraging hundreds of artists to continue their work, promoted rock art campaigns, and acquired art works from artists from all around the world! If you are one of those artists who had the chance to meet and talk with Parrish, you will agree that she never failed to show her endless passion for rock art.

Hope you enjoy the reading and her beautifully painted rocks.

Stay blessed, 

Christine Onward


Celebrating One Year of Community and Love for Rocks - Interview with Parrish Jefferson, Collector and Ardent Supporter of Rock Art


Who is Parrish Jefferson and how did this passion for art begin?

I'm just a gal from Texas, highly educated but have never been able to keep a stable career due to my husband's job which required frequent reassignments. It allowed me to see much of the world though. They also translated into helping me relate to artists from many places, in every corner of the globe!


painted rocks mandalas art collection stone painting Parrish Jefferson USA

A traveler's passion for art - glimpse into part of Parrish Jefferson's collection of rocks from all over the world! 


Since starting your account on Instagram I have been following your posts with curiosity at first, and then with some sort of an addiction, I must admit. With each post I was eager to know what other beauties you were adding to your rock collection, what other stunning creations you found and what far-away countries they were coming from. Tell me more about your collection. How many rocks have you got so far? How do you exhibit them? What does their display look like?

At last estimation I have about 350 rocks! I collect all genres, colors, themes etc., from USA, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Latvia, Korea, Indonesia, every country in Europe. What's heartbreaking is that in some countries postal costs are so high, it isn't even feasible to do business with the artists who live there. It is frustrating for them and myself all the time, unfortunately.

mandala painted rocks boho chic design collection Parrish Jefferson

Part of Parrish's rock collection in blue hues


Displaying so many rocks has become really challenging for me. I often display in vignettes featuring certain colors or by theme (such as my Southwestern Style collection or that with a Native American look). I've also collected special bowls from several artists to provide more beautiful displays for rocks. I even have some on wall sconces! It's almost time, however, to purchase some new wall shelves!

rock art dots mandala collection Parrish Jefferson blog Christine Onward  Parrish's stunning collection of rocks and the decorative plate in hues of turquoise

Has collecting painted rocks changed your life in any way?

Collecting rocks and becoming part of the rock painting community on Instagram has changed my life in so many positive ways I'd never dreamed possible!

It began with a simple first purchase....from Valeria Campagna. Boy, did I set the bar high! I was so impressed, that I posted awful pictures (my fault!) and shared my excitement with the few followers I had. That began one of the most important relationships in my life. Valeria is a dear friend and actually, we will be working together soon on a new project involving Etsy, other artists, and it will include opportunities for new artists as well! That's all I can say at this point, but I'll be making announcements in May.

I also have in the works a world wide 'Rock Olympics' (rather an annual rock painting competition). N.A. More details about this event will be published in a few weeks on this website

boho chick home decorations mandala painted rocks blog Christine Onward

With a touch of boho-chic and admirable colours


With the positive feedback received from posting such beautiful works, collecting rocks soon became a passionate hobby! I had to hone my staging and photography skills and learn what a hashtag was! I made an advice sheet for new artists who wanted to make a name and sell Art. Artists then began coming to me for advice, wanting to be featured on my page; this was an honor to me and a happy and productive use of my time. It's been a joy.

home decorations painted stone rock art blog Christine Onward


Over the last year you have shown tremendous support for rock artists from USA and from across the globe. You frequently tag new artists in your posts, share their achievements, encourage new releases and new campaigns. Why? Where is this desire and energy to help others coming from?   

As I collect from established and well known artists as well as beginners,  I tend to meet thousands of them, even tangentially! I fully believe that one's motives are what matters in this life of soul-growth. Therefore, helping artists, featuring their art to best highlight its beauty, to support and encourage, to introduce new talents...well, it's a way  of paying it forward. Spreading beauty is always a treat! Further, promoting the business side of art is often distasteful to artists, so I help there as much as I can!

I also want people to know that artists have been VERY KIND to me! Not a week goes by without receiving gift rocks I didn't even realize had been sent! I'd estimate at least 30% of my rocks have been gifts. I consider that I'm overpaid in unexpected, generous gifts and say as much when people commend me for helping artists! And by the way, I never charge and never have, for any help. It just wouldn't feel comfortable for me.

painted rocks dots mandala boho chic interior decorations unique blog article christine Onward

Rock art mastered with magnificent skill and patience

I know this is going to be very difficult to respond to, but is there a specific rock in your collection that has a special significance for you or story attached to it that is worth talking about?

I do admit to having one favorite stone. Valeria painted the 'Parrish Rock' inspired by my energy (her words) and it is not only sentimentally the most meaningful rock, but also aesthetically one of the most beautiful rocks you'd ever hope to see! It has a sacred place in my home, with her framed words, and Christine, when I received it, it felt like I had won a Grammy or the Nobel Peace Prize! 

painted rock Val Campagna mandala blue art online Christine Onward

Val Campagna, the "Parrish Rock" and framed are Val's words about inspiration and friendship across oceans


Over this last year since your Instagram launching, you have surrounded yourself with a huge number of rock artists of outstanding talent and success. Along the way, some of them have also become good friends. Could you mention some of your artist friends?

They will be so many! I will only mention SOME of my wonderful, talented, and amazing artist friends, I do hope you will jump to check on their accounts for their art works are absolutely divine: Valeria Campagna, Andrea Moebes, Yosy,  Purvi Patel Sandi O., Corrina Marie Canning,  Oti's Art Studio, Summer Tan, Vallerie, and special regards to Viola, Karin Getaz and, the Empress, Liona Hotta

painted stones mandala boho chic design blog art online Christine Onward


Last but not least, knowing so many artists and being involved so deeply in their creative world, what is the message you would like to send to them? Can art change things for the better?

The last words would be about the great therapeutic value of rock painting. Painting on rocks is something everyone should experience. It's calming, fun, creative whether one has innate skill or not.

Recently however consciousness has been raised regarding the ubiquitous problem of art theft. I've done several postings and had dozens of artists contact me in distraught over this issue. Artists, please tag those who inspire you, never take advantage from a peer's design, and finally, if it happens to you... TAKE ACTION! Let's keep this world of rock painting a beautiful thing!

art online mandala meditation peace love kindness blog Christine Onward

Stunning art works and memorable colours from Parrish Jefferson's collection. Thank you for kindly enchanting us with such marvels and your kind words! 


Parrish and I are welcoming your comments in the section below. Also you can make inquiries or add info on rock_street@yahoo.com.

If interested to buy, the rocks for SALE are here

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  • Christine Onward
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    Dave allen

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  • Karin getaz
    Karin getaz

    This is such a beautiful Story! Christine Onwards you did it again! Now, having the privilege of reading about Parrish Jefferson is so unique. Both of these incredible women have worked so hard and shared so many names and talent they are to be blessed by our rock painting community. Our “world sphere” owes you both so much! Parrish you are a wonderful spiritual being that not only appreciate our movement, but you feel, live and share it to the World! I truly feel blessed to be able to "communicate " with you. I love this feed!

  • Karin getaz
    Karin getaz

    This is such a beautiful Story! Christine Onwards you did it again! Now, having the privilege of leading about Parrish Jefferson is so unique. Both of these incredible women have worked so hard and shared so many names and talent they are to be blessed by our rock painting community. Our “world sphere” owes you both so much! Parrish you are a wonderful spiritual being that not only appreciate our movement, but you feel, live and share it to the World! I truly feel blessed to be able to "communicate " with you. I love this feed!

  • Parrish Jefferson
    Parrish Jefferson

    Keely, you’re a treasure! So @TreasuresbyKeely is an appropriate IG address! Those Buddahs you dot are fantastic! And of course, my Keely Rock; he’s so vain he loves to make cameo appearances in many postings! I’m proud of your success and KEEP ROCKING!!! 😂🥰🥰💝😘😘😘💜💙❤️

  • Parrish Jefferson
    Parrish Jefferson

    Vallerie, thank you for your kind words, my guardian angel! You are so special to me and we have quite an other-worldly connection: too many coincidences to be coincidental! I love you and your beautiful art work @Sweetthingsbyvallerie on Instagram!!🙏🏼💟🥰🥰💝

  • Keely Michelle
    Keely Michelle

    This was amazing!! What a great idea to interview Parrish, I think we all know of her! What an honor and one she deserves. Well done Christine!!

  •  Bethany Kirwen
    Bethany Kirwen

    What a beautiful article featuring two ascending souls! Christine, you are masterful in your highest intentions, deepest creativity, warmest conversations, and gifted prose! Parrish, how grateful to have met you for the first time here in this lovely introduction! You emulate what we all aspire to be! I so look forward to hearing more about you and your planned projects. You both fill the world with the nourishment of pure love and kindness to make it thrive. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!❤

  • Lyzzz

    Oooh quelle magnifique interview!
    Je suis très heureuse d’avoir lu des mots venant de toi Parrish, et maintenant j’ai l’impression de mieux te connaître grâce à Christine, qui elle aussi donne énormément pour mettre les artistes en avant et les encourager.
    Je suis on ne peut plus fière de partager trois de mes pierres dans la plus fantastique des collections.
    Cheers my friend

  • Beverley Finnegan
    Beverley Finnegan

    What a fabulous and insightful interview. Thank you to everybody for making it possible. Parrish is a shining beacon in the rock and mandala art world – she lights our way!

  • Vallerie Tabit
    Vallerie Tabit

    This article was absolutely wonderful. Parrish is very precious to me. She has a heart of gold and deserves to be celebrated. Thank you.

  • Parrish Jefferson
    Parrish Jefferson

    Thank you, kindly, Andrea! Rachel, unfortunately I am not an artist – you’d laugh if you saw my painted stones! 😅 I leave that to the professionals! Very common misunderstanding because I’d love to take artistic credit on any of these rocks! 🤩💝

  • Andrea Moebes
    Andrea Moebes

    What a wonderful celebration of Parrish! She has gone above and beyond for so many artist out of the kindness of her heart. She is an amazing part of the art community and I am proud to call her a friend. Thank you for taking your time to celebrate this wonderful woman! It was a unique perspective hearing from a collectors point of view. Very well done!

  • Rachel Mitchell
    Rachel Mitchell

    What a beautiful article! So thankful I learned so much about this wonderful artist and her amazing artwork. Thank you so much for all you do 💖

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