CREATING ART TO CALM THE SOUL - Interview with Rachel Mitchell, Exceptional Artist, Rock Painting Innovator, Teacher, and Beautiful Soul



    Canadian artist Rachel Mitchell talking about new ways to create outstanding art on rocks


painted rocks mandalas golden art Rachel Mitchell Canada blog Rock Street Christine Onward

Wonderful painted rocks by Rachel Mitchell | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest |


Dear Rachel, I need to say that I have been following your media accounts for quite a few years. I have since admired your ingenuity, your talent, and your energy to create the most astonishing works of art! How did it all start and where do you get your inspiration from?

Thank you so much to you and everyone for following my accounts! I can't believe I've been doing this for almost 7 years now, and for the last 4 years on a full time basis! 

At first I just wanted to get all of my creativity out and share it with whoever was willing to see it.

Now my passion is to also show others what I have taught myself, tips and tricks; lessons I have learned and mistakes I have made, as well as to  create unique rock jewels that everyone can love.

dot art painted rocks Rachel Mitchell Rachel's rocks Canada tutorial art blog Christine Onward
Dot art and shiny colours: painted rocks by Rachel Mitchell | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest |


Colour is my eye candy. I'm inspired by so many wonderful artists and places I could only get the chance to see through the internet world. Pinterest has so many beautiful artists, ideas and creativity; It's one of my favourite places to get inspired. 


Over the last years your innovative work had a major contribution to the world of rock art.Can you tell us more about your ideas and how they positively changed the way we do rock painting these days?


I am always looking for ways to make my artwork stand out.

As everyone might already know, I use a lot of metallic paints and glitters. At first I wasn't very happy with they way they shined, as I wanted my stones to be as bold, colourful, and sparkling as possible!

I saw what resin did to paintings on canvas and fell in love! I was a little scared to play with it at first. I made a few mistakes, but the result was exactly what I had been looking for. It was magical!!!

resin waterproof painted rocks Rachel Mitchell art blog Christine Onward Australia

Bold and beautiful: rocks by Rachel Mitchell | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest |


As for my DIY fine lining brush, it has helped so much!! I had spent so much money on brushes over the years! I would purchase every fine brush I could find and it never did what I needed. Lines were always too thick or too sloppy, and I felt that I would never learn the magical techniques of the big artists, their fine lines and details.

So I took scissors to my brushes!! As a child, I used to take scissors to my dolls' hair (and sometimes my own) and it had not turned out well! Now, however, my brushes have never been so awesome! I was no longer wasting my hard earned money on expensive brushes for my line work. This helped me so much - I had to share!

Here s a link to Rachel's tutorial on how to prepare your brushes for fine lining on rocks: :

youtube tutorial brushes painted rocks Rachel Mitchell blog Christine Onward Australia


I use a variety of dotting tools, what I find work best are Nail dotting tools, with two different sizes on each one. They are perfect for most dots but you can find great things around your home for dotting as well. For instance knitting needles, toothpicks, sewing needles, the opposite end of your paint brushes have different sizes to play with as well!

painted rocks manadala golden art resin Rachel Mitchell Canada zen home decoration art blog Christine Onward
Wonderful painted rocks by Rachel Mitchell | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest |


The hits on your YouTube and Facebook tutorials are sky-rocketing these days. Tell us more about these tutorials. What are they about and who are they addressed to?

Just over a year ago I began sharing rock painting tutorials and it was terrifying!! I am still not very good at editing, still learning every single time I post something new. My favorite part of a tutorial is painting the stone. It could take a couple of hours to paint a stone and a full day (or longer!) to just to edit the video and have it ready to post on YouTube.

Sometimes I lose bits and pieces of my video that were really important so I end up having to redo the whole thing. Editing tends one of the most frustrating and time consuming parts of my career. However, when I think at the amount of people I'm helping, it makes it all worth it!

Each tutorial is edited with love and sometimes tears, but they are made for all those who want to create beautiful things.

Here are some of my favourite tutorials you might want to have a look at:

How to resin your stone

Sunflower on a Santorini stone

Zentangle paw painting on a stone

Painting a dotted dragonfly

santorini painted rocks Rachel Mitchell blog art Christine Onward tutorial youtube

Some of the rocks you might want to learn to paint: Rachel's YouTube account Here

You are offering so much to the other fellow artists: beauty of art, inspiration, and enormously useful ideas. What do you expect in return?

We need to have more positivity and beauty in our lives. From kids to seniors, I want people to know that they have this creative vibe running through them!! You don't have to go to an art school to be an artist. Painting is extremely therapeutic, it calms our soul, and it gives us a healthy outlet. painted rocks landscapes dots Rachel Mitchell art Blog Christine Onward Australia

Art with style:  painted rocks by Rachel Mitchell | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest |

To end here, I know it's a difficult one, I would like to ask you who are the artists you mostly admire and are thankful to?

This is so hard to answer because there are just so many people I admire and so many artists that deserve recognition. These are only a few of my favourites: 
Bob Ross (of course),fellow Canadian artist Elspeth McLean,and Australian artist Ben Heine.

mandala painted stones Rachel Mitchell Canada dot art blog Christine Onward

Rachel and I are welcoming your comments in the section below. Also you can make inquiries or add info on:
If interested to buy, rocks for SALE are here


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  • Christine Onward
Comments 30
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  • Donna Gross
    Donna Gross
    I retired 5 years ago after a 41 year career as a public school art teacher. I always told my students, “YOU are the artist, choose your own colors/shapes/forms/patterns/textures.” Too many times teachers stifle creativity because they are so busy with nonsense that has nothing to do with teaching. What a blessing that Rachel found her creative voice and is now inspiring others. God Bless.
  • Anita Baker
    Anita Baker

    I started painted rocks for our local kids and really wanted to get better but I had no idea what I was doing. Once I found Rachel’s tutorials on youtube I started getting better. I love her even tone…non judgmental and Amazing talent. I am proud to know her and I feel I am a better painter and person for the experience. Thank you so much for all you do and how you do it.

  • Maryanne Soucie
    Maryanne Soucie

    Hi Rachael, just stumbled upon your Beautiful Tutorials … LOVE , LOVE, What you do So Awesome …I’m trying & learning everyday…I painted the Dragonfly on a slightly crooked Rock .. I really loved it… getting ready soon to put Resin on ..Now I will try the Peacock Feather since the Peacock is one of my favorite Birds …I already have 3 Friends checking out your site…Ok Thanks again….. Love How you teach…. will be Watching ., 🥰..I’m so Hooked😂!,,

  • Sue Morris
    Sue Morris

    I have followed Rachel for several months. I am nurse and started rock painting for my garden. Saw Rachel’s mushroom house and made it for my fairy garden. I had all the stuff to plant my fairy garden last spring. Made the mushroom house and have been painting rocks every since. I have done numerous ones of her rocks. Most turned out ok done good and some not so good. I will never master the fine lining technique like Rachel. Sorry to say that my garden never got done and I have a ton of painted rocks lol God bless you and your family and your talent.

  • Sylvia neave
    Sylvia neave

    I have only recently discovered Rachel and I have to say that I am completely awestruck! I LOVE watching her tutorials and have started taking my scissors to my brushes, though I’ll need a lot of practice before I can paint fine lines the way she
    Just want to say Rachel, you are such an inspiration and so very talented and kind. Thank you so much.
    Sylvia (UK)

  • Christina

    Rachel has been a huge inspiration to me, I have made some of her lining brushes, which are the 💣, and making lining especially with metallic paints so much easier, and the persission is perfect for detailing. I have made 2 a very thin one, and a regular one. I leave mine overnight in water as well to keep that little hook bend in the bristles and it stays great. Im glad I came across her Utube tutorials,they are awesome. Very good at explaining the steps, I love all the stories, especially about the funny bottom frog she painted when she first started painting.. It cracked me up, yes and as we practice things get more simplified and easier to do.. We just have to practice, I was very intimidated as first on lining with gold paint, now I look back and laugh about it.. But her lining brush tutorial about making your own brushes is awesome and with taking your time and about 2-3 layers of gold especially on a black rock, they turn out amazing.. Like a jewel.. I havent started using Resin yet, but that is my next process.. If anyone is interested, she has a tutorial on covering your rocks in Resin too, its on her channel on Utube Rachels rocks, along with all kinds of tutorials.. So everyone be understanding.. She is a busy lady with a beautiful family and has alot going on.. So be patient,sometimes tutorials on Utube arent updated.. Everyone keep painting, be inspired,and have a blessed Easter.. ~Christina

  • Donatella

    Rachel, I fell in love with your rocks. Thank you for your tutorials. I will try your suggestion for sure ❤️

  • Donatella

    Rachel, I fell in love with your rocks. Thank you for your tutorials. I will try your suggestion for sure ❤️

  • Kathi Larson
    Kathi Larson

    Thank you Rachel for all the tutorials and all the help in painting rocks! I love the things you do and you make painting so much easier! You ROCK girl!

  • JoanO'Arc

    I am so happy to have found Rachel’s Rocks YouTube channel. I have been watching for a while now and always look forward to the next video and many times re-watch an old one a few times. It is a delight to be able to follow her instructions so easily and share the job of a beautiful rock re-created. Love her instruction videos on the brushes and now I finally have the perfect liner brush and scrunchy brushes.
    Thank you Rachel for all your hard work and love that you put into these tutorial/videos that help people like me who didn’t think we could, but with you we are now. :) <3

  • Helen

    Rachel, you are an absolute inspiration. I love that you are self-taught showing that anyone can do this. Your tutorials are amazing. Your editing shows that you are in fact a human!! Your artwork brings a bit of beauty into this world. Always looking forward to seeing what is next for you. All the best to you and your family. x

  • Bethany Kirwen
    Bethany Kirwen

    We can never have enough beauty, love, creativity, and encouragement in this world. Rachel and Christine bring out the best of these traits through their talents and their engaging personalities. Thank you so much to both of you for sharing what you love to do and cheering everyone on in this journey of life! Looking forward to getting more acquainted with you, Rachel! Love your painted rocks and delightful attitude.

  • Diana Bays
    Diana Bays

    Rachel I love your work and tutorials a couple years ago I never would have thought I could paint (barely). I’ve had major back surgery and since I’ve healed I still can’t do much I’m 62 years old and I find it so comforting and calming to paint. I paint kindness rocks and when I was asked how much they sell for I said they are free I just hope they put a smile on someone’s face thank you for your inspiration I’m forever grateful…

  • Gwen Ashley
    Gwen Ashley

    Sorry about the previous flub comments!

    Rachel’s work is phenomenal! I’m so glad I found her and her tutorials are so precise that it makes me think I can paint rocks, though barely👍😉.

  • Gwen Ashley
    Gwen Ashley


  • Rachel Mitchell
    Rachel Mitchell

    I’m in tears reading these amazing messages!! My heart is so happy. Thank you all for your love and support.

  • Roni Kroeze
    Roni Kroeze

    I am so glad I found Rachael’s Rock group! I love what she does, how she shows you exactly what you need to know & is her voice is so calming! I love it when she giggles! She’s an amazing artist and I have followed quite a few of her tutorials & have many more I want to do! I cannot wait until her new videos come out!!! I’d love to meet her someday…… she HAS to be an amazing person! Keep on rockin’ out Rachael!!

  • Carol Rudyk
    Carol Rudyk

    I saw a picture on Facebook about making mandalas… By researching this cool idea of rock painting… Rachel’s YouTube came up… I was so amazed by her artistery. An awesome teacher ,her clam voice and encouragement to keep going it will work out in the end. Right she was ,made her owl rock for Christmas presents. Keep rocking the gold and glitter plus you designs… I thank you

  • Brenda Phelps
    Brenda Phelps

    Last year my husband was in the hospital for almost 2 months. I was walking into the hospital and found a painted rock with a wolf on it..when I was so down and felt so weak it was like a burst of strength it gave me. I turned it over and on the back it said Kindness please take a picture and post to Riverside painted rocks on facebook…I did and learned more about the project…I am in no way an artist but I found Rachel on utube is amazing and her instructions are so clear..she inspires me so much to try to paint new things and lots of color. Thank you Rachel..and thank you for reminding us that it doesn’t have to be are right when finished they all look perfect…I think we are our own worst critics lol…keep up the amazing work I look forward to watching your new adventures <3

  • Debbie Sheffel
    Debbie Sheffel

    I started painting rocks a little over a year ago as a way to escape the intense grief from losing my 14 yr. old granddaughter. Watching Rachel’s tutorials has helped me so much with this process. I just love her energy and no nonsense approach, as well as her ability to instill calmness in me. I am so grateful to have found her.

  • Cheryl

    In this crazy world we live in, it’s so nice to go to a place where we can find an outlet for some fun, creativity and leave your troubles behind, if only for a little while. Rachel has given so many people this place to go to. Her tutorials are amazing. You watch one and just know that you can do it too. I really enjoy going out to beaches, river beds, etc. looking for that perfect rock and when you find it it’s magical !! Thank you Rachel !!

  • Molly Dennis
    Molly Dennis

    I bless the day I found Rachel’s Rocks on YouTube! It stirred something in me that I put off for 40 years. Rachel’s cute laugh and clear instructions are what I love the most! And then there are the rocks and jewelry and canvas that really make my own artistic bent come to life. Thank you Rachel for your awesome inspirational tutorials!

  • Debra Crider
    Debra Crider

    I love Rachel’s work and am so inspired by it. I am a business professional who loves art, I tinker around with different crafts and find it brings me peace. Rachel’s videos and pieces of art fill me with joy and inspires me to try. I am very thankful that Rachel is so willing to share her knowledge and ideas with all!

  • Jane Boeck
    Jane Boeck

    Rachel’s work is amazing and even more beautiful in person. I love watching the tutorials and learn so much. I feel blessed to have found Rachel and her fantastic art. It brings me joy.

  • Jenny

    I started painting because of Rachel. I spend hours every day at my table creating. I had lost my creative imagination for years. I was bored and grouchy and stressed out all of the time. Then I found Rachels Rocks. She is amazing. I started watching her videos and picked up a rock got a few paint brushes and some paint and off I went. She not only got me painting she got me outside walking the rivers looking for rocks. I may never have her talent but I do have the peace and tranquility and that’s worth everything.. Thank Rachel! You rock!!

  • Sheree

    I cannot express how much I enjoy Rachel’s artistry and teaching style. I have learned so much and found a whole new confidence in expressing myself through this art even though I can barely draw a straight line. 😊

  • Debra Brown
    Debra Brown

    Rachel"s rocks are all beautiful I love watching her videos as they are easy to follow and learn from , She"s AMAZING!

  • Amy Meyer
    Amy Meyer

    I love watching Rachel’s videos and seeing her work! I’ve been following for about 6 months and I love that she shares so much. I’ve tried some of her work, which looks really hard, but is actually pretty simple. I’m part of a rock group here in my hometown in South Dakota, and I plan on leaving the rocks to make someone’s day. I started about two years ago and I loved the idea, that something as simple as a painted rock, could make someone smile. My 3 boys and I have found some too, and it brings such joy every time. I can’t wait until the weather is nicer so I can hide the ones I did following Rachel’s YouTube. I almost don’t want to give them away because they bring me joy, but at the same time I want to share that joy. Thank you Rachel for sharing and for helping me to put smiles on other’s faces!! You Rock!! 😃

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