MY MIRACLE ROCK - stories of painted rocks that changed lives by the artists of RockStreet Collective


STORY 2 - The Magic Rock of Miles and Dahlia             

This Christmas offer a gift - a rock of love and support for the ones to whom it matters

This story should have been about Miles, a young man with disability, who found a wonderful connection with nature and belief in the goodness of the world by painting on rocks.

We had an interesting heart-warming conversation last week. I wanted to write about him, and the magic rock he found at the very park where he proposed. But, to my surprise, he turned his story of hardship and injustice into the most wonderful selfless story!

Come along, and keep your smile up, this is the story of a strong, beautiful person. The story of a winner: 

Painted rock love heart surprise gift found by Miles of Everett WA USA on his proposal day
Painted rock found by Miles at the very place where he proposed to his beautiful fiance, Dahlia

“I know this is supposed to be a collection of stories of our rocks and how they changed other people’s lives. My story is about a rock I found, not one that I painted myself.

I found it one day, at the exact place where I proposed to my fiance, Dahlia. It was a small thing down there, nothing fancy. I picked it up and turned it to the other side. It had something written on - LOVE. I kept it as a magic gift for us, me and Dahlia. And began painting on rocks, both of us, for those who might need to find a sign of good will as well.

Dahlia is also keen on painting with me. At times she feels better from painting. She doesn’t have to battle her schizophrenia and major depression as hard as she does every single day. With rocks and colors I sometimes see her smile. And life turns for the better.

I don’t want this story to say things about me. I want this story to travel to the people, the good people, who understand what schizophrenia and major depression disorder is, and what Dahlia is going through every day.

I would only ask for a gift of support and love for Dahlia. A little painted rock by you for her. I would keep all your gifts secretly until the Christmas day and give them all to her. This way she will know that she is not alone. That the world is a big beautiful place where she can feel safe and understood.

Thank you for reading my story. Keep the love in your hearts and passion for painting with you. Merry Christmas!”

Miles and Dahlia of Everett USA
 Photo: Beautiful smiles on two young beautiful rock painters, Miles and Dahlia


Dear Dahlia and Miles,

On this beautiful day, let me re-assure you that you are not alone. That from so many corners of the world at this moment nice beautiful people think about you, your struggles and your love for rock painting.

From me, please take the smiles, the courage to move on, the trust that things will only change for the better.

With love,


**Please send your Christmas rock of love and support for Dahlia to:++

Mr Miles Wolf

711 w casino rd apt 3a3

everett wa 98204


This is a friend's address, so please mention:

A gift of support for Dahlia



STORY 1 - Christine Onward

The Night before Maria Left


I sit at the window and listen to the ocean waves. Big storm out there. I want the winds to take my heart, just anyhow and anywhere. I wish the storm could take the pain...

The word tomorrow comes to me: dark, and big, and empty. I don't want tomorrow to come. Because tomorrow is when Maria has to go. And from then on she's not my baby bear anymore. She is whatever she wants, whatever she dreamed of being, just not the baby anymore. 

Maria is going to University tomorrow.

And I am happy for her. I can't wait to see her wings spread wide and strong. I can't wait to see her victories, and her lessons, her friends, her stories...

But what do I say to my heart, this heavy stone I just can't bear for the night.

I sit and look around. There's paint on the doorknob again. Black. 

Walls with Maria's paintings everywhere. 

And her Math Award. What a day! The amazing, singular, and incredible day when Maria had an award in Mathematics!!

And the glass of milk half full on the couch, somehow defeating gravity, don't understand how.

And the Disney movie cases spread everywhere on the carpet... tomorrow...who's gonna leave the milk and paints everywhere from tomorrow on?

Tears in the eyes. Cannot speak, cannot swallow, cannot think... I want to give Maria something. A gift of strength.

I see the rock sitting on the dinner table. Who found it? Who left in on the bare table again? I take it and I feel its warmth. Like a medicine for pain...

And I paint this:



Painted rock by Christine Onward, artist of RockStreet Collective | Rock Street | Instagram

A gift to make Maria strong, and bold, and daring... a thing to hold in times of storm when mami is not there for her to rely on anymore.

Newcastle University. We take the bags and boxes to the dorm. We hug and say goodbye. I take the rock from my purse and give it to Maria.
She smiles. Her eyes are shining beautiful and bright. 
"I'll keep it for all times. And every time I hold it, you will be here with me"


This is my Miracle Rock, a rock that gave me the chance to offer my daughter a thing of strength to rely on, to motivate her, and never feel alone. 

I feel blessed for it coming to my life. And grateful for allowing me to change the pain of saying goodbye into the most beautiful smile.


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  • Christine Onward
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  • Lorraine

    What a sweet story and a beautiful rock. I don’t have one particular miracle rock. To me, every one I paint is a miracle because I’m only just now discovering the artistic ability that’s been hiding inside me for 59 years.

  • Mary

    What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing….it put a smile on my face and some tears in my eyes!

  • Phyllis Clark
    Phyllis Clark

    This story and the beautiful rock fill my eyes with tears while filling my heart with the love sent by your words.

  • Maria

    Thank you mama!!!! I always have the rock nearbye and make sure I hold it anytime I need some encouragement! I love it and I love this story! I still miss you allllll the time but I know I’ll be back soon to spill as much paint as possible and to leave milk glasses everywhere! Mwah love you mama

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