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When Painting on Rocks Becomes Part of Your Soul - Interview with Ineke Burgman, Remarkable Artist of The Netherlands

"Every stone I paint becomes part of my soul. Sometimes it's hard to let it go, but how much happier can you be when you see people touched by your work?", Ineke Burgman
I will begin our story today by inviting you to a simple exercise: name ten things that would make you happy. Ten things in 10 seconds. I'll let you count...then leave a comment at the end of this article. Tell us how it worked for you. Have you managed to find ten things that would make you the happiest in ten seconds?
Well, I must tell you when I took this challenge a few years ago, I lost it. I started ruminating about the big things: environment, politics, economy...I lost because I had forgotten the little things, the ones inside the heart, the real ones that are with us at all times, waiting to be discovered. I recently thought again of such things: the morning sky through the open window, the rainbow after the rain, a memory from childhood travels, a smile in the street...


When I met Ineke's rocks a few months ago I had to stop. The challenge of ten things in ten seconds came back to me. The ten things were there, in every piece of her painted rocks: the smiles, joy, positive thoughts, the good hopes, the fun...all in just a touch of colours.


Painted stones by Ineke Burgman | Facebook | Instagram | For sale Here


Let me take you on a journey to the fantastic Netherlands, where the astounding rock artist of the RockStreet Collective group, Ineke Burgman lives and creates. Enjoy!


"I live in the north of the Netherlands in a very little place we have recently moved to, called Vledder. We will stay here for just one year while building our own barn-house in the country side in this part of the country. Nature here is amazing, the woods, the pools, all the different animals, it`s such a privilege to live here!



Photo by Ineke Burgman : Vledder, The Netherlands


Rocks and shells are very special for me. You have to feel a rock, its strength, its softness, its story...I have so many stones, but it's still difficult for me to find the right one for a painting...

I remember, as a child, I was always looking down, searching for shells, stones, wood, anything nature put before my feet. I still do this....I can spend hours on a beach or near a river searching for stones. I feel lucky to be able to travel to beautiful places with plenty of rocks around our place.



Painted stones by Ineke Burgman | Facebook | Instagram | For sale Here


How I started painting? Well, I always loved painting as a child. One day I saw a picture of painted stones in a magazine. I saved it for a few years! It was something I wanted to try when I had more time... In 2014 I bought a black and a white acrylic paint pen and started to paint little birds and sheep on rocks.


I was leaving the little rocks in all kind of places and was hoping that someone would be happy with them. I loved to do this. Friends and family took my rocks all over the world to leave them there. It was so much fun! People could send me an email when they found the rock. After a while people also came asking to paint a stone for them. Great, I thought! I can make people happy with my art!


There are so many stories from people who ask me to paint that special stone for them. Happy stories and sad stories. I have painted many memory-stones each with its own special story. I am also making little pocket-stones as a support for someone who needs a rock's strength.

Together with my friend Caroline, we developed our Stone-Card product. She makes a little card and I paint a little stone. Together they become a special and unique gift to send to the dear ones. People buy the Stone-Card and most of the money goes to different charities.


The Stone - Card product by rock painter Ineke Burgman and her friend Caroline

The Stone-Card product by Ineke Burgman and her friend, Caroline


I am learning every day, I want to get better every day, but I'am also happy with how I paint now. I use paint pens, permanent fine liners and ink & penThe only thing I am worrying about is the sealing. It changes the natural color of the stone and not always for the better.


Here is the rock with a little girl, which I drew in 15 minutes. It represents my love for young childrenI just retired last summer as a teacher after many years of working with young ones. They were such an inspiration for my paintings! I used to give them my painted rocks and they painted rocks for me. Those were my treasures...


Painted rock little girl ink and pen by artist Ineke Burgman of the Netherlands

Painted stone by Ineke Burgman | Facebook | Instagram 


I would like to end with my big advice for everyone: start painting on rocks. Feel the joy and your life will never be the same. I, personally, LOVE IT!!"

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  • Christine Onward
Comments 3
  • Maria Endler
    Maria Endler

    Absolutely love your little characters; such cheerful faces, lovely drawing, great colors.

    I understand having a hard time letting your rocks go, I have the same problems with my best sculptures.

    Aloha from Hawaii,


    Great Story, great artist:)

  • Cathy

    Thank you for your inspiration!

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