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Story of my painted rock - visiting the land of Turquoise


I am inviting you to live, if only for a moment, in the village of Turquoise. Here skies shimmer behind white clouds, houses smile in children’s cartoon colors and flowers spread out in never-ending-blossoms. And if you shut the outside world for just a little bit, you can also smell the sweet scent of the gardens, feel the warm touch of the breeze on your face and hear children laugh high up in the colorful hot air balloons.

painted rock christine onward folk art interior decoration gift for her beach cottage house 

 “Turquoise Day with Balloons”, art on rock by Christine Onward

I painted this rock in Walgett, little town of the Australian outback where the shop windows are covered with metal bars, motel gates close long before dark and fire ants live, to my endless concern, undisturbed everywhere.

The motel room is small and dark but it smells nice. If I open the curtais, I can let the light fall smoothly on the desk, and I can paint. And all the noise from my thoughts and the outside world will disappear.

The desk is small, I can barely spread my palms on it. Some Sam had scratched his name in a corner with small clumsy letters. I think of bored Sam whose dad probably enjoys one or two with the mates at the pub and mom looks after the little one outside…

painted stone christine onward rustic decoration birthday gift

Rock by Christine Onward for sale Here


I think of Sam and want to take him with me to a place where there are no dark motels, rooms crammed with stuff or boring days – just cheerful hot air balloons.

Take blue, add white, then yellow, little bit of green… TURQUOISE! Time stops, flowers bloom, children hide in colourful balloons, soul travels and not a single thought of pain.

I stayed at the little desk for the whole afternoon. At times I had to hold Caesar on my lap as he wanted to bark at every person strolling by outside. But dogs were not allowed at any Walgett motels.  So I had to constantly repeat : “Shhh, be quiet. They'll know you're here!” . He put his little nose under my arm, now he’s invisible and quiet, and I find myself smiling and paint again, as much as I can, holding everything with only one hand.


Stones are like treasure chests. They capture inside the purity of the universe, the power of waves, whirling winds, and roughness of sand. We only add our story, with colors, brushes and no words – just love.

turquoise painted rocks collection christine onward interior original decorations for sale christmas gift

Entire Turquoise collection of painted rocks interior decorations by Christine Onward

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